SIREN Professional Courses

The professional courses have been organized for Italian, French and English professionists starting from 2000, focusing on the following subjects:
  • M&S: Modeling & Simulation
  • Distributed, Parallel and Interoperable Simulation
  • HLA: High Level Architecture
  • DIS: Distributed Interactive Simulation
  • PM: Project Management in M&S Projects
  • VV&A: Verification, Validation and Accreditation
  • Advanced Simulation

  • The courses include lecturing and exercises; teachers are world-wide experts with several years of activity in the field from major execellence centers (i.e. Boston College, Genoa University, NASA, DMSO, National Center for Simulaiton, SAIC, Aegis Technologies, California State University, Riga TU, UCF, MITIM).

    The participants receive a Attendance Certificate; attendees of SIREN course are both from industry (i.e. Alenia Aeronautica, Cetena/Fincantieri, COOP, Datamat, Piaggio Aero Industries, SIA), and governamental institutions (i.e. DE Aquila, DPPI Bari, Esercito Italiano, IFMA, IUSPIM, LSIS, Turin Polytechnic).
    The courses are held in Professional Course Site (Bergeggi, SV, Italy) or directly in industrial partner facility.

    Special conditions and price are available for multiple registrations.
    For further information please use the following references: Fax +39 019 221 0350, Email info@simulationteam or visit the M&S Courses Web Site

    The course package includes CD-ROM, slide hardcopy, additional specialist material, Demostrations & Exercises

    SIREN Course Roadmap

    M&S Fundamentals PM-M&S Fundamentals VV&A Fundamentals Distributed, Parallel & Interoperable M&S Fundamentals DIS M&S Regular PM-M&S Regular VV&A Regular HLA Overview HLA Regular HLA Advanced M&S Advanced M&S Advanced M&S Advanced M&S Advanced M&S Advanced M&S Courses

    SIREN courses were held starting from autumn 2000 and involved over 200 participants during the first three years of activity. SIREN Courses are organized with scientific sponsorization of Simulation Team, MITIM DIPTEM and Liophant.
    Course reference periods are summarized below (for more detailed information please contact
  • PM M&S Courses: May/June/July
  • M&S Courses: September/October February/March
  • Distributed, Parallel and Interopable/HLA/DIS Courses: October/November, February/March
  • VV&A Courses: October/November, March/April

    Liophant Simulation
    DIPTEM University of Genoa
    Simulation Team
    McLeod Institute of Technology and Interoperable Modeling and Simulation, Simulation Team, Genoa Center

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