SIREN: Distributed, Parallel and Interoperable Simulation Professional Course

This professional course has been organized in Italian and English for International professionists interested in Distributed, Parallel and Interoperable Simulation; the course is organized with scientific sponsorship of MITIM DIPTEM, Simulation Team and Liophant.
The course includes lecturing and exercises to be completed; teachers are world-wide experts with several years of activity in this field from major execellence centers (i.e. DIPTEM, Liophant, MITIM).
The class size is designed for 5/15 participants; the courses are held in Professional Course Site (Bergeggi, SV, Italy) or directly in industrial partner facility.

Special conditions and price are available for multiple registrations.
For further information please use the following references Fax +39 019 221 0350, Email info@simulationteam or visit the M&S Courses Web Site

The Distributed, Parallel and Interoperable Simulation course is oriented to programmers, developers, simulationists, DIS project engineers and researchers.
The attendees are expected to have some background in M&S and in fundamentals of computer science.

The course package includes CD-ROM, slide hardcopy, additional specialist material, Demostrations & Exercises; the program includes:

Distributed, Parallel and Interoperable M&S

  • Welcome, Background & Knowledge Assessment
  • Topics
  • Case Studies
  • Exercises
  • Technical and Scientific References
  • Networking & References
  • Foreground and Knowledge Assessment
  • Quality Assurance

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