Industry 4.0: Technological Innovation and Safety

Virtual & Augmented Reality for Industrial Application

Virtual & Augmented Reality for Industry 4.0

The use of Modeling & Simulation (M&S) and Virtual Reality (VR) allows to create 3D Prototypes of Plants, Skids, Machines, Equipment, Products and Processes and to test Virtually New Solutions.
This Virtual Simulation supports Engineering, Training & Management on the Virtual Worlds and enables developments of Augmented Reality (AR) applications to improve Safety, Effectiveness and Efficiency.
Safety, Productivity and Training are areas where these solutions could result Revolutionary, creating with M&S and VR the foundations of Industry 4.0
SISOM Project represents an execellence in this area having developed a set of First Solutions and experimentations in different industrial applications thanks to a strong cooperation among INAIL, IA University of Parma, MSC-LES University of Calabria, DIME University of Genoa, DEN University of Pisa, Simulation Team and Industrial Companies.

SISOM: Innovation to improve Safety & Efficiency in Industry 4.0

SISOM Project allowed to implement Innovative Solutions to be applied to real cases to improve Safety, Efficiency and Effectiveness in relation to Industrial Machines and was developed by a Leading Team of Experts.
SISOM Project was carried out in strict cooperation with Industries active in Design, Engineering and Production of Industrial Equipment and Machines.
This Project allowed also to complete an extensive experimentation to measure quantitatively the benefits obtained by these Innovative Technologies (e.g. M&S, AR & VR) applied on the field in terms of training efficiency and safety.
Indeed SISOM Project represents a First Set of Solutions within the Industry 4.0 Paradigm with the added value of the completed experimentation and validated on the field.
In March 20 it will be organize the SISOM Workshop in Rome, Italy. The Executive Summary is available as well as other Documents and Presentations of the Developed Solutions and Potential Applications

Industry 4.0 & Enabling Technologies

Few definitions to understand how Innovative Technologies enable the Industry 4.0 Paradigm:

  • Industry 4.0: is the current Paradigm of Automation and Data Exchange in manufacturing leading to Smart Manufacturing; the idea is to combine concepts such as Cyber-Physical Systems, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Modeling and Simulation, Augment & Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents to create a common intuitive framework to control the Industrial Processes
  • M&S: Modeling and Simulation use the computers to recreate real systems on computers and to experiment them within such virtual environment; this allow to conduct experiments and tests even before a new industrial system is realized and to conduct Virtual Prototyping as well as to develop Training Equipment and decision Support Systems (DSS)
  • Virtual Reality: is the combined use of Computer Solutions to Immerse the user into a Virtual Framework; currently Virtual Reality is flexible in working over multiple platforms such as Smartphohes, Tablets, Laptops, PC and it could result into a simple 3D World over a Screen to a fully immersive solutions (e.g. CAVE, Head Mounted Display, Hololens) that include also sound, motion, vibrations, force feedback (e.g. motion platforms, data gloves)
  • Augmented Reality: is a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world whose elements are augmented by additional information provided by computer programs; in this way it is possible to add data from Dbase and Sensors, Sound, Video, Graphics, 3D and/or GPS info.

Simulation: a Strategic Science for the Future

Simulation is a Strategic Science able to address most complex problems and the Simulation Team, is a major excellence network in Modeling and Simulation. Simulation Team is an innovation leader on several methodologies including among the others MS2G (Modeling, interoperable Simulation & Serious Games), HBM (Human Behavior Modelling), SaaS (Simulation as a Service), Standards & Architettures, Mobile Training, Intelligent Agents, Smart Interactive Cave.

The SISOM Project Partners

SISOM Project is sponsored by INAIL (Italian National Agency for Improving Safety on Work Places and Industries) and it is carried out by a pool of Research Centers in different Universities (i.e. MSC-LES University of Calabria, DIME University of Genoa, DEN University of Pisa ) coordinated by IA University of Parma.
The Technological Solutions using Artificial Intelligence, Modeling and Simulation, Augmented & Virtual Reality were created by MSC-LES UNICAL & DIME Genoa as members of the Simulation Team leader Network in M&S, VR and AR. Liophant was glad to offer patronage and support to promote SISOM as innovative initiative in M&S Community. The SISOM Solutions have been applied to Real Industrial Cases working with Leading Companies (e.g. CFT Group, Gruppo Fosber).

SISOM Workshop in Rome, March 20, MMXVII

The SISOM Workshop is held in Main Auditorium of INAIL (Piazzale Pastore, Rome, Italy) on March 20, MMXVII with Patronage of the Republic Presidency and of the Professional Engineering National Order. The Workshop includes also Interactive Demonstration and it will based on the following program:

The SISOM Demonstration

SISOM Project produced Innovative Solutions applied to real industrial cases, these will be presented and demonstrated during the Coffee Breaks and Intervals at the SISOM Workshop. Indeed in the Exhibition Area, SISOM Partners and Simulation Team, Genoa University, MSC-LES and Cal-Tek (University spinoff from Calabria) will present new Solutions to the attendees. It will be possible to Test directly the different Innovative Solutions that use respectively Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Speech Recognition, AI and Immersive Technologies as they have been applied in real projects applied to different sectors including Manufacturing and Industrial Plants. This approach will guarantee to give the Attendees a real opportunity to See and Experience Personally the New Wolutions for Industry 4.0

Venue at SISOM Workshop in Rome

The SISOM Workshop will be held in Main Auditorium of INAIL located in Piazzale Pastore, Rome, Italy on March 20, MMXVII.
The site is located within the INAIL Tower (21 floors and among tallest buildings in Rome); the building is located within EUR area and it is the National Headquarters of INAIL Agency (Italian National Agency for Improving Safety on Work Places and Industries), sponsor of SISOM Project and organizer of SISOM Workshop.
For further information please contact Ing.Luciano Di Donato, INAIL Responsible of SISOM Project

Industry 4.0 as Revolution for New Generations based on AR, VR & M&S

AR, VR & M&S are Enabling Technologies that support the Revolution of Industry 4.0; but what it means this revolution? Let's take the example of SISOM to understand the context: it becomes possible to recreate 3D Models of Industrial Machines that could be simulated in terms of operations and procedures; these Models could be included in Virtual Interactive Worlds to create training programs where the operators are trained in using and carrying out maintenance procedures in total safety on the simulation. In addition these Virtual Models of the Real Machines could be included in Augmented Reality Solutions overlapping the Real Machine with the model and providing directions to the operators about where to act for carrying out safety profecure, shutdown, startup, service & operations. In addition these AR & VR could be combined with pictures, manuals, videos and even Intelligent Assistants based on AI and Multilanguage Speech Recognition in order to futher improve the support to operators. It is not science fiction, SISOM Workshop will be able to test the Solution developed by Simulation Team directly in the Exhibition Area.


The Pictures and Video about SISOM Experimentation allows to see an example of Real Industrial Machine subjected to Modelling (610MB Video), Immersive Experience (128MB Video), Testing (50MB Video) and Experimentation (500MB Video) by the SISOM Partners. A special Workshop and a Demonstration have been organize also in reference to the major scientific conference I3M2016 "International Multidisciplinary Modelling & Simulation Multiconference".