Venerdý 13: Affrontiamo le Sfide del Project Management senza Paura

When the goin' gets tough... the Tough get goin'

Friday 13: Facing Project Management Challenges

Incontro tra Universita', Industria e Studenti:
Una Giornata sul Project Management fatta da Project Managers

Savona Campus, UniversitÓ di Genova
Spes Meeting Room B2, Palazzina Branca
via Magliotto 1, 17100 Savona, Italy
Inizio alle 9:00am, Venerdý, 13 dicembre, 2013
  • Prof.Agostino G.Bruzzone, NATO Science & Technology OrganizationCMRE Project Leader and Simulation Team President: PM in International Programs
  • Ing.Francesco Faccio, COMAU, Fiat Group, Project Management in Manufacturing Plant: Experience along years in Western, Eastern, South and North Europe and USA
  • Ing.Mariangela Genovese, Fincantieri, Project Management in Ship Construction: Experiences in Europe and South Asia
  • Ing.Giulio Barbieri, DCC Senior PM, Industrial Plant within an International Framework: Capability to work around the World
  • Ing.Marcello Astesiano, Danieli Centro Combustion, Senior PM, Project Management Complexity: Dimension, Volumes and Size of Industrial Plants
  • Dott.Antonio Martella, MS PM in ST, PM in Yacht Industry: Strong Background in a Wide Spectrum of Areas as Corner Stone for Success
  • Ing.Giancarlo Montanari, International Project Management Association, Ansaldo, Project Management in Industrial Plants: Competing in a Global Market

Game PROLIE - Project Leader Interactive Experience

Partecipazione Gratuita, per ulteriori informazioni & dettagli sul luogo del meeting:
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    Friday 13: Facing Project Management  Challenges
    Friday 13: Facing Project Management  Challenges

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