Project: SIBILLA

Simulation of an Intelligent Board for Interactive Learning and Lofty Achievements

SIBILLA Games provides the opportunity to play interactively a competitive/cooperative Game in a distributed environment where different Intelligence Agencies operate concurrently.
SIBILLA simulates terrorist actions and prevention measures as well as Intelligence activities.
SIBILLA addresses the Homeland Security Issues and the related training.
SIBILLA is multiplayer web strategy game that simulate Terrorist Actions organized by different organization directed by IA (Intelligent Agents) that plan, prepare and execute attacks on specific:
  • Location
  • Site
  • Time
  • Threat Type

  • The intelligence reports are distributed among the players based on their capabilities and shared by a stochastic engine.
    The Identification of the attacks in time is the key for individual success; the players cooperate and compete for budget and success.
    Threat missed to be identified generate terrorist attacks that reduce global trust and support to intelligence agencies.

    Web Based Multi Player Serious Game for Simulating Homeland Security and Using Intelligent Agents to plan Terrorist Attacks (i.e.CBRN, Cyber Attacks)
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