WETRAS, Weapon Traffic Simulator, Strategic Engineering against Illegal Traffic


Weapon Traffic Simulator

WETRAS demonstrates Strategic Engineering Concept in a realistic case by combining Multisource & Multiplatform Data Fusion (e.g. AIS, Radar, ESM, EO/IR, OSINT, COMINT, SIGINT, CYBINT, HUMINT) with M&S & AI.
WETRAS proposes an Hypothetical Illegal Maritime Traffic to terrorists on Islands. This allows to experience interactively how to properly apply these methods in synergy with AI & M&S to stop Weapon Traffic based on UN Resolution.
WETRAS shows effects of different Data Fusion Algorithms, AI Methods respect the UN Goals.
WETRAS demonstrates how to extract Information from Big Data, how to predict impact of alternative Decisions by M&S and how to develop good plans and how to use AI to adapt to antagonist reactions driven by IAs.
WETRAS has been used within S3EA as Simulation Engine.
  • WETRAS and S3EA against Smuggling

  • Point(s) of Contact:
  • Agostino G. Bruzzone, agostino.bruzzone@simulationteam.com

  • AI Artificial Intelligence
  • AIS Automatic Identification System
  • COMINT Communications Intelligence
  • CYBINT Cyber Intelligence
  • ELINT Electronic Intelligence
  • EO/IR Electro-Optical/Infra-Red
  • ESM electronic support measures
  • HUMINT Human Intelligence
  • IAs Intelligent Agents
  • M&S Modeling & Simulation
  • OSINT Open Source Intelligence
  • SIGINT Signals intelligence
  • UN United Nations

  • Copyright (c) 2021 Agostino Bruzzone, SIM4Future

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