SYWOE - Synthetic War & Operations Environment for Next Generation M&S


Synthetic War & Operations Environment for Next Generation M&S

SYWOE is a new Interoperable Modular Environment of SIM4Future for Mission Planning, Analysis & Simulation, addressing MDO within CSE in Flexible, Intuitive & Interactive ways by use of MS2G. SYWOE covers all Domains (Sea, Land, Air, Space & Cyberspace) & Impacts on the 3 Dimensions (Physical, Virtual & Cognitive). SYWOE is a Stochastic Simulator driven by the SIM4Future Intelligent Agents capable to automate Actions & Reactions over Complex Scenarios based on Status, Perceptions, ROE, HBM, Characteristics & Cognitive Elements. So, SYWOE speeds up Scenario Preparation and Execution: it runs Real & Fast Time supporting the E&T, Wargaming, Quantification of Risks & Success Rates among COAs, all by considering also details such as Point Defense against HGV, Cyber & Cognitive Vectors on Forces and/or Population, Threat Networks/Fifth Columns, SOF, Sabotages. SYWOE supports Strategic & Operational Planning, Operational Analysis, CAX, CAW, AuW.
AuW Audacious Wargaming
CAX Computer Assisted Exercise
CAW Computer Assisted Wargaming
COA Course of Action
CSE Common Synthetic Environment
E&T Education & Training
HBM Human Behavior Models
HGV Hypersonic Glide Vehicle
IA Intelligent Agents
MS2G Modeling, interoperable Simulation & Serious Games
MDO Multi-Domain Operations
ROE Rules of Engagement
SOF Special Forces

MS2G Modeling and interoperable Simulation and Serious Games

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  • Agostino G. Bruzzone,

  • Copyright (c) 2022 Agostino Bruzzone, SIM4Future

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