Project: SO2UCI

Simulation for Off-Shore, On-Shore & Underwater Critical Infrastructure

SO2UCI is a Simulation for Training on protecting Off-Shore Platforms (e.g. oil rig, gas rig), On-Shore Critical Infrastructures (e.g. ports, power plants, refineries, desalinators) and Underwater Critical Infrastructures (e.g. cables, pipelines) from Asymmetric Threats using conventional assets and autonomous systems (e.g. RHIB, Helicopters, Sensors, UAV, USV, AUV,Gliders, etc.). The simulator is interoperable by using HLA (High Level Architecture) and support integration with real equipment as well as with other simulators and solutions as the SPIDER. SO2UCI integrates scenarios for training the use of specific sensors on rotary wing UAV to discriminate suspect boats invading the perimeter of Oil Rig (e.g. face recognition, thermal camera, etc.)

Contact Points: Agostino Bruzzone, Francesco Longo

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