Project: QUICIC

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Simulation Team allows to evaluate short, medium and long terms threats over multi domains including Cyber Space.
QUICIC is based on advanced use of Modeling and Simulation integrated within a smart Framework using State of Art Technologies

New Technologies are too much convenient to be neglected or even to consider to return back to old solutions: Reduced Personnel, Centralized Supervision, Quick Response, Real Time Monitoring, Distributed Control, Improved Efficiency, 24/7 Support,Big Data forImproving, etc.

"Computers are more efficient than human beings, not better." (Spock, Ultimate Computer)

Therefore, New Solutions introduce Vulnerabilities to be addressed
Smart Systems based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IA (Intelligent Agents) could improve resilience and defensive capabilities
Therefore, future AI, could have Different Perception and Priorities, starting from basic misunderstandings in the program to complex emerging behaviors.

Indeed, AI could adopt measures that could be affecting Safety and Security. Their evolution is inevitable, but it requires attention. M&S is the way to face this challenge and prevent short terms problems based on superficial programming and wrong data set definition, medium terms criticalities related to Risks related to unexpected situations and relative reactions, as well as long terms dangerous emerging behaviors

Who watches the watchmen? Juvenal, Satires, 347-348

Contact Point: Agostino Bruzzone
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