J20 Experience

J20 Experience

Joint Skills E&T for Complex System Acquisition

J20 Experience trains on Strategic Program Management & Concurrent Engineering by a Dynamic Virtual Interactive Framework that uses SBA (Simulation Based Acquisition) on Complex Systems. J20 simulates a Scenario for the development of a new Fighter with different Needs, Requirements, Constraints & Operational Capabilities. J20 Experience is a RPG (Role Play Game) based on Interactive Stochastic Simulation of different competing Joint Ventures, each composed by cooperating Companies (i.e. Main Contractor, Cell, Avionic & Engines). Players have several Challenges to address along Proposal, Engineering & Flight Test Phases of this Large Strategic Program. J20 Experience uses extensively Simulation & AI to teach advances of Strategic Engineering, Strategic Program Management, PM, SBA, CE and it has been used in Modules for young Engineers, Officers, Project Managers & Executives
CE Concurrent Engineering
PM Project Management
AI Artificial Intelligence
E&T Education & Training

Point(s) of Contact:
  • Agostino G. Bruzzone, agostino.bruzzone@simulationteam.com

  • Copyright (c) 2019 Agostino Bruzzone, SIM4Future

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