CW-BRAINWARE: Cognitive Wargame, Behavioral Response Analysis and Integrated Network simulation for Wargaming Experience


Cognitive Wargame, Behavioral Response Analysis and Integrated Network simulation for Wargaming Experience

CW-BRAINWARE is Solution using AI & M&S to support the Decisions related to Multi Domain Threats to be carried out on very Complex Scenarios that involve Kinetics, Cyber & Cognitive as well as Hybrid Warfare. This is an AuW & Simulator able to develop capabilities in using the BPSM in Defensive and Offensive Way by MS2G & AI, automatically supporting the Full Understanding of Opponent Strategies and Optimizing Actions

CW-BRAINWARE is an AuW (Audacious Wargaming) Solution devoted to deal with a game over a complex, dynamic environment where multiple decision-makers engage in cyber, kinetic, and cognitive warfare to influence both military forces and civilian populations. Each decision-maker maneuvers through a landscape of attacks that affect the social, psychological and emotional parameters of their adversaries' societies. Participants must also contend with incoming assaults from opponents, necessitating responsive strategies, including the issuance of both genuine and deceptive public statements to manipulate the emotional climate of their own forces and citizens. The simulator integrates detailed demographic variables—such as ethnicity, age, gender, religion, political orientation, health status, educational background, income levels, and social affiliations—to realistically model human emotional responses to conflict scenarios as well as cognitive factors such as moral, motivation, integrity, beliefs, values et cetera. This facilitates strategic planning and decision-making, offering a holistic view of potential public sentiment in reaction to urban development projects and warfare tactics. Players choose their side, with its specific cognitive, social and demographic factors. Players plan their actions, choosing between cognitive, cyber, kinetic and cognitive attacks targeting either military forces or civilian populations of their adversaries. They must also allocate resources for defense against incoming attacks. The selected COA are Implemented by Intelligente Agent developing strategies of Players. The simulator calculates impacts based on the chosen tactics, affecting the cognitive, psychological and emotional states of virtual troops and populations. Players prepare and deliver actions, which can be true or deceptive to manipulate the emotional response of their population and troops. CW-BRAINWARE simulator provides feedback on the consequences of all actions. Including changes in public sentiment and military morale, allowing players to adjust their strategies for future rounds. CW-BRAINWARE is an innovative wargame addressing Cognitive Warfare and it was created by Simulation Team by combining Modeling & Simulation, with a focus on Human Behavior Modeling, cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, particularly Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) and immersive Virtual Reality. By this approach CW-BRAINWARE offers an uniquely captivating and comprehensive strategic experience on using AI in Cognitive Warfare in Defensive and Aggressive Way. Through the simulation of realistic demographic, psychological, cultural and socio-political environments, players develop strategic decision-making skills that are crucial in managing effectively multi-faceted and multi-layer modern conflicts. This Wargame challenges participants to master the art of using AI in cognitive warfare, to defend population, understand the dynamics as well as forecasting community reactions. This support the develoiment of capabilities dealing with high-stakes, real-time decision-making required by the dynamics and complexity of real-world cognitive warfare.

AI Artificial Intelligence
AuW Audacious Wargaming
BPSM Broadcasting, Print & Social Media
COA Course of Action
HBM Human Behavior Models
LLM Large Language Model
M&S Modeling & Simulation
MS2G Modeling, interoperable Simulation, Serious Games

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