Stefano Costa

Also Known as "IlCosta", "Steve", "The VolVox" , "The Armageddom Man", "Chainsaw Chen" (In China).

The Man & The Story

Born in Savona (Italy) on the 17th of January 1971, the event was announced by an earthquake on the 1st of January 1971.
On 1977 he killed his firts computer and on 1985 substantially started upon the family capital with his first powerfull full-featured 300/75 bps modem; in the same year started to analize computer security and amatorial telematic phenomenon.
1986: partecipated his first survival course in the wild forest of "Maremma Toscana", an experience that persuaded him the bow is not the best weapon against a wild boar.
1990: take his Diploma at Scientific Lyceum "O. Grassi", Savona; in the same year he had another survival experience in North Italy mountains, an experience that persuaded him a .38 Special Colt Cobra it's a good weapon against a wild boar.
1991: started to interest himself on computer crimes.
1993: entered the Italian Army in the first-line mountain assault army corps as person in charge of the logistic trasmission office; during this commission he took the NOS (Military Security Certificate)
1994: partecipated an anti-mafia mission in Sicilia (Italy).
Semptember 1994 : won the competion to join the "Guardia di Finanza" (GdF), a special military police corp specialized in economic crimes; in the same year he began to study major computer crimes.
At the end of the ten-month course, on 1995/1996, he was assigned to a GdF’s Training School and employed at the Training and Education Office with task to supervisionate informatic development; during this period he completed an advanced research project in cooperation with Genoa University about new training equipments (the project has been presented in USA at the Military, Government and Aerospace Simulation Conference 1996).
October 1996: won the competition to frequent the two-year course for GdF’s Inspector.
October 1999: was appointed as responsible of IT Services in Regional Division of GdF.
September 2003: was appointed as Web Service Responsible in Regional Division of GdF.

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