The International

Workshop on Applied Modelling and Simulation

Scientifically Sponsorship from Simulation Team, M&S Net, MITIM Genoa, DIME University of Genoa, Liophant Simulation, MSC-LES

Praha, October 17-19, 2018

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Track: Serious Games for Strategy (click here for details)

Strategic Engineering


The Track invites the possibility to present innovative Researches and Developments related to application of Simulation to the innovative field of Strategic Engineering addressing Industrial, Governmental, Institutional applications as well as Defense and Homeland Security
Applications of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Serious Games for Strategy
  • Education for Decision Makers
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Negotiation and Consensus
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Multicriteria Decisions
  • Strategic Games
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Industrial Applications of Strategy
  • Strategic Decisions involving Sustainability
  • Strategic Decisions involving Security
  • Urban Management

Topics are an opportunity to present and observe the latest research, results, and ideas in these areas. Authors are kindly invited to include in their papers and presentations all the research works, case studies and application both theoretical and applied.
For further information please contact Francesco Bellotti

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