Exploiting Commercial Games and Technology for Use in NATO

Simulation Team MISS DIPTEM - University of Genoa Faculty of Engineering University of Genoa

MSG113 Genoa Workshop

Faculty of Engineering, Aula Magna, Upstairs - Villa Cambiaso
via Montallegro 1, Genova, Italy

April 16-18, 2012

MSG113 "Exploiting Commercial Technologies and Games for Use in NATO" is a R&D Group on innovative solutions in M&S investiganting Serious Games and other innovative Solutions; MSG113 organizes a Workshop in Genoa, held in Engineering Faculty, Villa Cambiaso, April 16-18 2012. In fact, MSG113 Genoa Workshop is organized by Research and Technology Organisation NATO Modelling & Simulation Group (NMSG) in cooperation with Simulation Team, MISS DIPTEM, University of Genoa. The MSG113 Genoa Workshop will provide an ideal framework to discuss on how to reuse, upgrade, adapt and/or further develop solutions starting from Commercial and Game applications.
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