SCSC2006 Workshops:

July, 2006


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Affiliated & Co-Located Events

Student Workshop. The Student Workshop is devoted to PhD Students, Master Students and Undergraduates willing to submit a paper/poster to be presented during SCSC'06; the selected papers will be included in the Conference CD only (not in Proceedings Hardcopy) and will compete for the Best Student Paper Award. A special registration fee is reserved for Students (Student ID and Professor Check Required). The SCSC2006 Student Workshop, devoted to PhD Students, Master Students and Undergraduates willing to submit a paper to be presented during SCSC2006, enables students to attend the workshop and get a SCSC2006 CD copy including the whole Conference Proceedings with a very special registration fee ($55 USD, Student ID and Professor Check Required). The Student Workshop speakers will compete for the Best SCSC2006 Student Paper Award (in SCSC2003 Montreal, SCSC2006 San Jose' and SCSC2006 Philadelphia it included checks for $1'000/1,500 USD for the winner provided by the sponsors).
Chairs: Peter Kropf, University of Montreal; Ling Rothrock, Penn State University; Gabriel Wainer, Carleton Univeristy

SIMPLEST Workshop: Technical Council for Simulation Applications in Management, Planning & Forecasting The Workshop of the Technical Council for Applications in Management, Planning and Forecasting invites you to submit draft full papers and to participate on the panel session of this new Technical Council of SCS, for setting up Cooperations and Projects.
Contact Person: Marina Massei, Liophant Simulation

LESNEX (LEan Simulation Network of Excellence) Workshop. The LESNEX Workshop focuses on the development of the Lean Simulation as a new approach for applying M&S techniques into Small and Medium Size Enterprises as well as during early state evaluation in large programs.
Contact Person: Stefano Saetta, University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy

Standards Workshop. This special SCSC workshop includes paper sessions as well as panel sessions; this initiative is part of a new series of "M&S Standards" focused panel discussions to be held at multiple simulation events (e.g. SISO, SCS, ITEC, I/ITSEC). The panel session will last approximately two hours and will have a standard format involving panel discussions addressing mid-term modeling and simulation standards needs. The panel discussions will be followed by audience discussion and feedback. Results from each of the sessions will be compiled and briefed back to the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) to advocate modeling and simulation community priorities to leadership in government, industry and academia.
Contact Persons: Peggy Gravitz, Aegis Technologies, USA

On-Line Simulation Workshop
Contact Persons:
Claudia Frydman, LSIS, Marseille, France

"Critical Issues on Simulation" Workshop At SCSC 2000 Ratan Guha, Vince Amico and Agostino Bruzzone authored a paper that was presented at the Conference entitled, Critical Issues in Simulation. With SCSC 2006 on the horizon we think it would be appropriate to plan a track that would address the issues that were raised in that paper. With this in mind we are proposing that we solicit the M&S community to organize a track that would consist of sessions that address each of the Critical Issues. Those issues are Modeling, Data, Implementation and Validation.

An outline of the proposed session in the track or presented below.

Track outline

  • Models
    • Models of physical systems
    • Models of the environment
    • Models of knowledge and human behavior

  • Data
    • Data on characteristics of physical systems
    • Data on the environment, atmosphere, terrain, ocean
    • Data on human behavior

  • Implementation
    • Hardware
      • Estimating the computer capacity and speed to solve the equations
      • Associated hardware for motion and visual systems
      • Instructor and problem control systems
    • Software
      • Iteration rates
      • Integrating algorithms
      • Transport delays
      • Computational stability

  • Validation
    • Model validation
    • Data validation
    • Computer system validation
    • Software validation
    • Validation of the original need
Selected papers form each session will appear in a special issue of the M&S Journal If you have an interest, please volunteer to organize one or more session in an area of interest to you. Please respond by email to Vince Amico (Track Chair) or to Agostino Bruzzone at (Conference General Chair). Please check the SCS web page for Conference details and paper submission schedule
Contact Persons:
Vince Amico, UCF, FL, USA

Logistics & Transportation Simulation Workshop. SCSC'06 is aimed at exploring Innovative Technologies for Simulation. Modeling and Simulation is a critical area for supporting Research and Development as well as competitiveness worldwide. Simulation applications are numerous and transportation is a vibrant sector of the world economy.  Air and surface transportation are of equal importance to economic development around the globe and intermodal facilities are contributing to the vitality of the industry. In the years ahead, more countries will require an even safer, more equitable and more efficient transportation system to connect citizens, businesses and governments in the US and abroad.
Topics of Interest include (but are no limited to):
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Intermodal Transportation
Mechanical behavior of the structures and vehicles
Modeling, analysis, performance evaluation of Transportation Systems
Command of Transportation Systems
Transportation economy
Safety and Security
Reliability and Maintenance
Dangerous goods Transportation
Goods Transportation (in general)
Multimodal Transportation Forecasting
Transportation Planning
Rail Transit Systems
Surface Transportation
Maritime Transportation
Air Transportation
Logistics and Transportation
Vision systems
Contact Persons:
Pertti Broas, VTT, Finland

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