SCSC2005 Student Workshop Award Ceremony was held during the Exhibitor Reception and Chaired by SCSC2005 Program Chair (Edward Williams) and SCSC2005 Student Workshop Chair (Gabriel Wainer)

SCSC2005 Student Workshop and Award

Philadelphia, 24-28 July 2005

Development of Innovative Project Consortium, Sponsor of Student Workshop in Summer Computer Simulation Conference 2005


  • Peter Kropf, University of Montreal
  • Ling Rothrock, Penn State University
  • Gabriel Wainer, Carleton University

  • This year, in Philadelphia, we organized the third edition of SCSC2005 Student Workshop; this initiative was very successful, as during past years, with several full sessions of paper presentations selected through a process including reviews by International Program Committee (IPC) members. All the accepted papers were included in SCSC2005 CD-Proceedings, but are keep separate from SCSC2005 hardcopy proceedings, even if the review selection was based on the same high level standards used for regular papers.
    The SCSC2005 Student Workshop enabled students to attend the workshop and get a SCSC2005 CD copy including the whole Conference Proceedings as well as the possibility to compete for the "Best SCSC2005 Student Paper Award" (including a cheque of 1'000 USD for the winner provided by DIPTEM with the very special registration fee (just 55USD).
    SCSC2005 Award for Best Student Papers is Introduced by Edward Williams (President of Best Paper Award Committee and SCSC2005 Program Chair Agostino Bruzzone, SCSC2005 General Chair, open the Student Workshop Best Paper Award Ceremony at Summersim2005 Party
    The "Best SCSC2005 Student Paper" was selected through a multi layer process where the high quality of the submissions and presentation proposed quite a challenge in order to make a selection. The selection process included: Gabriel Wainer, Student Workshop Chair presented the Results of the Student Workshop to the 2nd Runner Up Agostino Bruzzone as Director of MISS and Marina Massei as Representative of DIP Sponsor awarded the best Students in SCSC2005 Student Workshop Edward Williams, Program Chair of SCSC2005, operated as Ceremony Master during the SummerSim05 Exhibition Reception and awarded the Recognition Certificates and prizes provided by SCS International / DIPTEM to the best Student Papers. Marina Massei, Academic Liason and Representative of DIPTEM provided the sponsorization as 1'000USD Cheque Award to the Best Student Paper Author.
    Agostino G. Bruzzone, as MISS Director McLeod Institute of Simulation Science awarded DIPTEM for its support to young people to become part of simulation community as a key issue for promoting Modelling & Simulation.
    The Ceremony attendees enjoed the SCS Welcome Party as well as a Special Clarinetto Session by Ralph Hunsinger, Historian of SCS

    The final results was:
    Results Title Author(s) Affiliation
    Best Student Paper Modelling Air Craft Analysis for Contruction Processes and Organization Enrico Bocca, Enrico Briano Liophant Simulation
    1st Runner Up VisioSim Portal: Interfacing Business Planning and Simulation Modeling Pooya Farahvash, Ozgecan Uluscu Rutgers State University
    2nd Runner Up Analysis of Safety Stock Policies in Supply Chains Mustafa Rawan Rutgers State University

    SCSC2005 Best Student Paper Award Committee

      • Edaward Williams, PM Corp, USA - SCSC2005 Program Chair


      • Agostino G.Bruzzone, MISS International Director and SCSC General Chair
      • Gabriel Wainer, Carleton University - SCSC Student Workshop Chair
      • Stefano Saetta, MISS Perugia University Director and Lean Simulation Workshop Chair
    SCSC2005 Student Workshop Best Student Paper Competition: Enrico Briano, Liophant, best paper is awarded by Marina Massei, DIP sponsor representative and Co-Director MISS Perugia, with a cheque of 1'000USD
    Garbiel Wainer, SCSC2005 Student Workshop Chair present the certificate for the Best Student Paper, while Ralph Huntsinger, Historian of SCS, plays clarinetto and Agostino Bruzzone, Director of MISS and SCSC2005 General Chair gift to the best students a Special Copy of SCSC2005 Hardbound Proceedings
    Edward Williams, PMP and SCSC2005 Program Chair, Enrico Briano (Liophant Simulation), best SCSC2005 Student Workshop Paper, Marina Massei, DIP sponsor representative and SIMPLEST Co-Chair

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