SCSC2003 Best Paper Award

Montreal 20-24 July 2003

Prof.Bruzzone, SCSC2003 General Chair, during SCSC Luncheon and Best Paper Ceremony

SCSC2003 Student Workshop was established for first time in Montreal Edition and it represented one of the results obtained by emphasising quality.
Each single paper in the proceedings, and even the Student Workshop Paper, get at least three review from SCSC International Program Committee (IPC) and Program/General Chair overview. Based on this process and on IPC/Track Chair Nomination it was possible to create a short list of very high quality papers.
The quality of papers was very good and the selection was pretty hard, however a Best Paper Award Committee was able to identify the best paper that will be nominated for being considered by SCS International publications:
  • A Unified View of Time and Causality and its Application to Distributed Systems

  • James Nutaro, University of Arizona, USA
    Hessam S.Sarjoughian, Arizona State University, USA
The SCSC2003 Best Paper Award Certificate was delivered to the authors by Mhamed Itmi, SCSC Program Chair, during SCSC2003 Luncheon.

Prof.Itmi, SCSC2003 Program Chair, Presenting Best Paper

SCSC2003 Best Paper Committee

  • Mhamed Itmi, PSI-MISS INSA, France - SCSC Program Chair

  • Members:
  • Agostino G.Bruzzone, MISS DIP, Italy - SCSC General Chair
  • Priscilla Elfrey, NCS & NASA Kennedy Space Center, USA - Simulation in Business and Industry Track Chair
  • Ralph Huntsinger, California State University Chico - M&S Methodology, Tools and Applications Track Chair
  • Helena Szczerbicka, University of Hannover Germany - On-Line Track Chair
  • Fred Wieland, MITRE, USA - Simulation in Transportations Track Chair

Prof.Itmi, SCSC2003 Program Chair, and Prof.Ziegler, SCS President, during Best Paper Ceremony
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