Protection during epidemics by SIM4Future, Simulation Team


Town Protection during pandemics and CBRN crisis by SIM4Future, Simulation Team

TOPRO is devoted to support the operations related to protecting a Town or a Region during a epidemics and contamination crisis. The System reproduce People Behaviors, Units and Entities as well as activities related to Protection, Cordoning of Areas and Cities to protect them from Contaminations and Epidemics as well as planning of decontaminations and treatments and resource allocation. Entities include law enforcements, military units, health care resources, sensor networks, social media info. TOPRO allows to Identify the Critical Areas and Part of a Town at Risk, as well key points and sectors to control in case of detection of infected people and it provides support for tracking them. TOPRO is a Decision Support System able to be used for training, education as well as operational planning and operation support, Check Points Organizer and Management Tool during Pandemics and CBRN crises. TOPRO aims to support also training and operational planning for isolation and containment of epidemics

Contact Point: Agostino Bruzzone
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