Project: MOSES

Modelling Sustainable Environments through Simulation

MOSES is a simulator reproducing the impact of actions over an urban environment. The refurbishment of a Power Plant, the redesign of the port and industrial activities as other actions on the area affects the Economical, Environmental and Social Sustainability. The simulator allows to analyze the interactions among many variables and it is used to support training and education. MOSES has been developed by Lio-Tech in synergy withSimulation Team, Industries and Institution in relation to the organization of interactive experiences for International Master Students and Professional Engineers working with Genoa University, Dupont, Tenova, PW etc. the Model is used within Role Play Games over confrontation between Power Plant Investors and Public Authorities in order to negotiate Industrail Offsets and conditions to finalize a sustainable and profictable solution for both sides

MOSES: Modelling Sustainable Environments through Simulation

Point(s) of Contact:
  • Agostino G. Bruzzone,

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