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-   AI and M&S to improve Safety by COYOTE Experience

COYOTE for Interactive Training Experience

Container terminal & Yard Operator simulator for Training & Education

COYOTE is focused on train people by intuitive interactive Virtual Exercises based on Simulation Solutions devoted to experience within a digital twin a challenging environment respect Safety issues. The goal focus on doing Virtual Experimentation by new solutions devoted to reduce Risks. Indeed, the Extended Reality within MS2G Paradigm allows to combine the benefits of Serious Games in terms of Engagement and Usability with the Fidelity of Simulation. The use of such innovative Solutions could support both Experimentation, New Procedure Design as well as Training.

An AI and M&S to improve Safety by COYOTE Experience

SIM4Future, Genoa University SpinOff & proud member of Simulation Team, developed this Innovative Solution to face major Safety & Security Challenges: SIM4Future has tailored his COYOTE Simulator for Worldwide Ports by using the state of art of M&S (Modeling & Simulation), AI (Artificial Intelligence) & IA (Intelligent Agents) as well as Data Analytics; in facts, the proposed approach adopts innovative Strategic Engineering principles and allow to conduct dynamic Interactive Experiences COYOTE Experience improves Risk Perception, Safety, Security over Physical & Cyber Layers as well as Productivity & Sustainability within Terminal Operations as well as in Ports by XR
AI Artificial Intelligence IA Intelligent Agents XR eXtended Reality MS2G Modeling, Interoperable Simulation and Serious Games
  • COYOTE in Science Club of Keqiao
  • COYOTE for Ports from Europe to China
  • COYOTE for Improving Safety in Ports
  • Coyote MS2G
  • Point(s) of Contact:
  • Agostino G. Bruzzone,

  • Copyright (c) 2018 Agostino Bruzzone, SIM4Future

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