Project: MCWS

Marine Cyber Warfare Simulation

Simulation Team provided support to CMRE for the development of MCWS with special attention to use of IA-CGF and HLA modules. MCSW Simulator was developed to investigate complex scenario combining traditional battlefield operations (Sea Surface, Underwater, Air, Space) with action on the Cyberspace. The simulator evaluates the impact of Cyber Attacks and Defense actions respect the evolution of the situation. The mission environment involves multiple autonomous systems operating over an heterogeneous network involving both classified and unclassified computer infrastructures. MCWS was federated in RTI and tested integrated with CMRE MSTPA (Multi Static Tactical Planning Aid) respect ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) Mission Environments

Distributed Virtual Experience and Exercise

Point(s) of Contact:
  • Agostino G. Bruzzone,,

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