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Poly-functional Intelligent Operational Virtual Reality Agents

PIOVRA Project


7 February 2006

MITIM - Conference Room Spes - DIPTEM, DIP Savona Campus

via Cadorna 2, 17100 Savona, Italy

The PIOVRA Workshop Open Day is sponsored by PIOVRA Project and is held in Savona Campus of Genoa University as an important opportunity for Simulation Community to meet together and discuss on M&S and AI. During the Coffee Breaks a Demonstration from TESS-COM/Liophant will be presented about HBR.
This Meeting is open to the Simulation Community

Date Start End Room Speaker Description Affiliation
07/02/2006 9.30 9.40 Spes Conference Room Roberto MoscaWelcome DIPTEM
07/02/2006 9.40 10.00 Spes Conference Room Agostino G. BruzzonePIOVRA Overview DIPTEM
07/02/2006 10.00 10.30 Spes Conference Room Jean CaussanelLessons Learned on Current CGFs LSIS
07/02/2006 10.30 11.00 Spes Conference Room Francesco LongoHybrid Simulation & AI: Fuzzy Logic Applied to Scenario AwarnessLiophant
07/02/2006 11.00 11.30 Campus Cafeteria . Coffee Break .
07/02/2006 11.30 11.50 Spes Conference Room Luca Gambardella Swarm Intelligence and Optimization ISDIA
07/02/2006 11.50 12.10 Spes Conference Room Andrea Reverberi Human Behavior Representation & Genetic Algorithms Characteristics Fitting Liophant
07/02/2006 12.10 12.30 Spes Conference Room Aldo Zini HLA Simulation Scenario Challenges Cetena/Fincantieri
07/02/2006 12.30 12.50 Spes Conference Room Salvatore Capasso Distributed Simulation Training: Adanvances & Open Issues CFLI
07/02/2006 12.50 14.20 Campus Cafeteria . Lunch .
07/02/2006 14.20 14.45 Spes Conference Room Roberto Revetria Agents in HLA Simulation for Supporting Dynamic Negotiation & Control DIPTEM
07/02/2006 14.45 15.05 Spes Conference Room Marco PalazziM&S and Shore Integration of Naval Combat Systems Selex
07/02/2006 15.05 15.25 Spes Conference Room Chiara Briano Verification and Validation of HLA Federation Liophant
07/02/2006 15.25 15.50 Spes Conference Room Giorgio Garassino Simulation and Artificial Intelligence for Correlating Complex Relations Piaggio AI
07/02/2006 15.50 16.20 Campus Cafeteria . Coffee Break .
07/02/2006 16.20 16.50 Spes Conference Room Agostino G. Bruzzone Panel Discussion MISS
07/02/2006 16.50 17.00 Spes Conference Room Roberto Mosca Closing PIOVRA Workshop Open Day DIPTEM

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Venue to DIP Savona Campus
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