Modeling & Simulation

Network (M&SNet)

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of M&SNet: Francesco Longo

Mission of the M&SNet is to foster:

 professionalism in modeling and simulation

 advancement of the art and science of M&S

 applying M&S in all domains where it is applicable

 dissemination of M&S-related knowledge. 

Member organizations have access to strong and complementary expertise in professionalism, education, research, and knowledge dissemination. For example, when preparing proposals for external funding, participating researchers have access to other researchers in the M&SNet organizations. Researchers in these organizations also benefit from increased opportunities to be included in other proposals.


To achieve this mission, M&SNet works to help its member organizations:

 contribute to both the development of the M&S profession and to its recognition within the scientific/technical community at large

 win and carry out research projects by using the M&SNet consortium to locate and coordinate the right partners

 develop and exchange educational materials (e.g., model curricula, and lecture material) and instructional resources (e.g., software)

 disseminate M&S knowledge through publications and in conferences and seminars


Modeling & Simulation Network