McLeod Institute of Technology and Interoperable Modeling & Simulation, Simulation Team 
Genoa Centre 
University of Genoa 
Savona Campus, via Molinero 1, 17100 Savona, Italy 
Tel +39 019 97 398 
Fax +39 019 97 600 


Simulation Project & Thesis in 1998/1999

Service for the Society

Large Distribution & Supermarkets

Acquisition Processes (Thesis: Bocca), Logistics (Thesis: Bina, Arata)


Risk Analysis & Emergency Management (Thesis: Rapallo)

Assembling & Manufacturing:

Automotive Components

Layout Analysis (Thesis: Vio) Plastic Moulding Maintenance Management (Thesis: Castrini) Turbine Manufacturing

Production Planning (Thesis: Capolongo)

Ship Yard

Construction Planning (Thesis: Briano, Brandolini)

International Cooperation

Harbour Simulation

Riga Technical University, MISS Center

Argonne National Laboratories

Boston College

Charles University

University of Magdeburg

Planning & Scheduling in Project Management

Ansaldo & Fincantieri

Manufacturing & Logistics

AP Lockheed, COOP Liguria

National Center for Simulation

Modelling & Simulation

Running Scientific Activities :

Special Issue of FGCS in "Web-Based Simulation"

WORKSHOP HMS99, Genoa, Italy

in Co-operation with RTU Riga and Liophant

WORKSHOP "Quality and Logistics", Arenzano, Italy

in Co-operation with COOP Liguria

Summer School I11X99 "Internal & External Logistics", Genoa, Italy

in ANIMP, Ford Motor Co., Boston College

Simulation software:

C/C++, Java, Visual Basic Arena, Modsim III Taylor II, Proservice

Simulink, Slam, GPSS/H VRT NeuralWare Pro, etc.

Publications: 18: Journals (1), Conference Proceedings (14), Technical Reports (3)

Participation at conferences (august 98, aUGUST 99): 14

ESS99, PORTS99, International Workshop in Harbour Modelling & Simulation, ANIMP99, Conference on Applied Informatics, MIC99, SIW Spring 99, ASTC99, ICAMESí99, ESMí99, IX International Conference: Flexible Automation and Intelligent, ITEC'99, TIEMS99, Summer Computer Simulation Conference

Exchange Programs 1999:

MITIM Guests

Ralph Huntsinger Visiting Professor from Chico University (Feb-Apr.99)

Eugene Kindler, Visiting Professor from Charles University (June 1999)

Robert Signorile, Visiting Professor from Boston College (September 1999)

Edward Williams, Visiting Professor from Ford Motor Co.(September 1999)

MITIM Visitors

Siliva Rapallo, Guest in NCS Orlando (March-April 1999)

A.Bruzzone, M.Lagostena, Guests in Bogazici University (May 1999)

C.Scuteri, S.Rapallo, G.Vano, F.Vio, Guests in Bogazici University (May 1999)

Marco Mosca, Guest in Calgary University (July-August 1999)

Francesca Vio, Guest  in Boston College & Ford Motor Co (July-Aug 1999)