McLeod Institute of Technology and Interoperable Modeling & Simulation, Simulation Team 
Genoa Centre 
University of Genoa 
Savona Campus, via Molinero 1, 17100 Savona, Italy 
Tel +39 019 97 398 
Fax +39 019 97 600 


2002 Projects in MITIM Genoa Center

A sample of recent MITIM Industrial Co-operations:

Production & Assembling

  • Production Scheduling (Martini Luce)
  • Expert Planning (NICIM)
  • LOGOS: Decision Support Systems for Fleet Management (GFI, Enichem)

  • Logistics Networks & Supply Chain Management

  • WILD II: Intelligent Control of HLA Federation for Supply Chain Management (MIUR, Politecnico Milano, Politecnico Bari, Naples Univ., Salerno Univ., L'Aquila University, Piaggio AeroIndustries, Salver, Geven, Plyform, SirioPanel, Magnaghi, OMA)
  • CHARME:Benchmarking for Simulation Development (Polimeri Europa)

  • Business & Services

  • DICOSAP: ERP Supervision (COOP Liguria)
  • PIUMA: New Logistics Platform (COOP Liguria)
  • CARNI: Meat Distribution Processes (COOP Liguria)
  • MASC: Modelling & Analysis for Satisfaction of Customers (COOP Liguria)
  • PROMIT: Project Management in IT Initiatives (COOP Liguria)

  • Service for the Society

  • Simulation of Garbage Collection (AMNU)
  • Risk Analysis in Industrial Plants (TSBS)
  • ROSES: Oil Spill & Reaction Simulation (CETENA)

  • Military Applications

  • SIREN: Training in M&S, VV&A, HLA (Alenia Marconi Systems, Alenia Aerospace, Datamat, Fincantieri, SIA, Esercito Italiano)
  • VISION: Ship Federation (Fincantieri, Cetena, IDS, SOGIS)
  • PIOVRA: Intelligent Agent for CGF (Italian MoD, LSIS, DGA France)



  • Boston College, MA USA
  • Univ.of Magdeburg, Germany
  • UCF, Orlando, FL USA
  • Stevens Institute, NJ USA
  • NCS, Orlando FL USA
  • LSIS, Marseille, France
  • Liophant Simulation Club
  • CFLI, Italy
  • Piaggio Aeroindustries, Italy
  • COOP Liguria, Italy
  • Terminal Messina, Italy
  • Vernazza Autogru, Italy
  • Venice Port Authority, Italy
  • Silicon Graphics, USA
  • Dynamics Research Corp., USA
  • Internet Science and Technology Fair, USA
  • Veridian, USA
  • Camber, USA
  • Aegis, USA


  • Riga TU, Latvia
  • LIS, Latvia
  • TU Delft, NL
  • Univ.Linkoping Sweden
  • Ventspils Free Port Auth, Latvia
  • LTDEA,Latvia
  • Ventspils College
  • Liophant Simulation Club


  • University of West Bohemia
  • Charles University
  • PSTL, Italy


    The MITIM organized the following events during 2001:

    Special Issue of the International Journal Simulation in Supply Chain Management, to be published in 2002

    WORKSHOP HMS2002, Bergeggi, Italy in Co-operation with Liophant
    WORKSHOP MAS2002, Bergeggi, Italy in Co-operation with Liophant
    WORKSHOP "SIREN", Bergeggi, Italy in Co-operation with Liophant, Alenia Marconi Systems, TUDelft

    Publications: 38: Journals (1), Conference Proceedings (27), Technical Reports (4), Tutorial & Invited Speechs (4), Books (2)

    ACTIVE PARTICIPATION AT CONFERENCES IN 2002: 21 Conferences MIC2002, AI2002, Innsbruck - PTI2002, Alexandria - ICAMES2002, Istanbul - AIS2002 Lisbon -ITEC2002, Lille - ASTC2002, ASS2002, San Diego - TransBaltica2002, Riga - ESM2002, Darmstadt - FAIM2002, Dresden - SCSC2002, San Diego - SCI2002, Orlando - ANIMP, Sorrento - HMS2002, MAS2002, Bergeggi - ESS2002, Dresden - Virtuality2001, Turin - Transatlantic Education & Training, Halifax - WRV2002, Rio de Janeiro - Wintersim2002, San Diego

    Simulation software:

    C/C++, Java, Visual Basic Arena, Horus, WinOp, Modsim III, Taylor II, Proservice, Simulink, GPSS/H NeuralWare Pro, etc.

    Simulation Hardware:

    Logistics Laboratory (16 PC), HLA Laboratory (6 PC), DIP Labs (3 PC), WILD Mobile Lab (5 Laptops), VR Lab (1 SGI, 1 WS, 6 VRPC)

    2002 Exchange Programs in MITIM Genoa Centre

    MITIM Genoa Guests

    Eugene Kindler, Visiting Professor from Charles University/Ostrava University (October 2002)
    Robert Signorile, Visiting Professor from Boston College (June-July and October 2002)
    C.Frydman, N.Giambiasi, Visiting Professor from LSIS France (October 2002)
    O.Serindat, Visiting Student from IFMA France (Feb-July 2002)
    Stijn-Pieter van Houten, Pieter Blomjous, Visiting Students from TU Delft(Feb-July 2002)
    Tobias Reggelin, Steffen Giermann Visiting Students from Magdeburg Univ. (May-July 2002)
    Sharif Thai, Phuc Tran, Tim Wake, Scott Feeny Visiting Students from BC (May-July 2002)
    Carl Jensen Student from UCF (May-July 2002)
    Olivier Labarthe Aguinaldo Guarrido, Philippe Bouche Visiting Students from LSIS (May-July 2002)
    Anneesa Lau, Leslie Scaria, Natalie Ongitong Visiting Students from Stevens Institute (May-July 2002)

    MITIM Genoa Visitors

    Marco Bonifacino, Guest in Stevens Institute (January 2002)
    A.Bruzzone, S.Simeoni, Guests in Bogazici University (May 2002)
    O.Serindat, F.Bertone, S.Viazzo, Guests in Bogazici University (May 2002)
    S.Viazzo, Guest in UCF Orlando (July 2001)
    S.PozziCotto, Guest in Goteborg (November 2002)
    S.Simeoni, Guest in UFRJ Brazil (November 2002)
    S.Simeoni, Guest in NCS Orlando (December 2002)
    R.Revetria, Guest in Boston College (December 2002)
    E.Mantero, F.Oliva, E.Costa Guests in UCF & NCS (Sept-Oct 2002)