McLeod Institute of Technology and Interoperable Modeling & Simulation, Simulation Team

Genoa Center

Annual Report Year 2000


The MITIM Genoa Center operates on the basis of the DIP University of Genoa.

The MITIM Genoa Center activity is largely devoted to the design of new product and processes for manufacturing plants, as well as logistics, and management of new technologies.

The MITIM Genoa Center research teams consist of about twelve professors/assistants, plus several PhD Students.

MITIM manages approximately 30 thesis students a year. Each year, about 25 present theses in Design, Modelling and Implementation of new Software Tools/Procedures applied to Industrial Engineering (i.e. simulation, training equipment, virtual realities).
The members of MITIM has been working in the Simulation environment since ‘60s in co-operation with International Universities and Societies and with the major Italian companies (steel-producers, top management, power plants: ILVA, Italimpianti, Ansaldo).

The research team focuses in all the sector related to the Industrial Simulation: Evaluation of New Tools & Languages for Simulation, Evaluation and Development of new Methodologies, Application of Artificial Intelligence to Industrial Sectors, On-Line Real-Time Simulation, Design of Industrial Simulators, Analysis by Simulation of Industrial Problems.

Officially, MITIM-Genoa opened in early 1997 with offices in the new campus of Genoa University in Savona, 25 miles west of Genoa, on the coast; the new campus extends over a very large area with huge potential for development. It was obtained by the University due to the deactivation of the NATO barracks.
The new campus has been in operation for 6 years, and has about 1000 students in Management Engineering, Logistics and Prod. Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Resources Engineering & Environment.

Main Activities

Simulation Software


Computer Laboratories:

SGI & IBM Workstations

1 Thesis Student Lab in Genoa 6 PC

1 Thesis Student Lab in Savona 8 PC

1 HLA Lab in Savona 8 PC

1 HLA Mobile Unit 5 Laptops

SAMS: Manufactionr Lab with 2 Heavy Robots, 1 Measurement Robot, 2 AGV

Thesis in the Simulation Area

1 Master Thesis on Simulation for Project Management in Software Industry

3 Master Thesis on Simulation for Service in Power Plants

2 Master Thesis on Simulation for Railways Maintenance

3 Master Thesis on Simulation in Manufacturing

1 Master Thesis on Simulation for Supply Chain Management in Steel Industry

1 Master Thesis on Simulation for Supply Chain Management in Automotive Industry

Several Diploma Thesis involving Simulation (~10)

Courses involving Simulation

Research Projects involving Simulation

  1. WILD: Web Integrated Logistics Designer (Coordinator of seven University involving Milan and Bari Politechnic, Genoa, Aquila, Florence, Naples and Salerno University), MURST - 2 years
  2. IEPAL: Intensive Educational Program in Advanced Logistics (EU Coordinator of 3 Universities involving Magdeburg, Marseille, Genoa and CFLI Consortium in cooperation with USA consortium: Boston College, Stevens Institute, Bradley Univ., NCS), DGEAC & FIPSE -3 years
  3. FRINE: Forecast Robust Intelligent Evaluator - MARCONI Telecommunications - 6 months
  4. FLODAF: Fuzzy Logic Data Fusion, Italian Navy Mariteleradar - 6 months
  5. NIAG SG60: Simulation Based Design and Virtual Prototyping - NATO 2 year
  6. DICO-SAP2000: Supervision SAP R/3 Implementation - COOP Liguria 1 year
  7. MASC2000: Modelling Analysis for Satisfaction of Customers - COOP Liguria 1 year
  8. CARNI2000: Modeling for Slaughtering Process Re-Engineering - COOP Liguria 1 year
  9. PUMA: Project for Ultimate Maintenance - Ansaldo Energia - 1 year
  10. OMG Company: Laser Welding Technologies - PSTL - 6 months
  11. CORMIN Company: Mechanical Constructions - PSTL - 6 months
  12. Benchmarking in SME - PSTL - 6 months



A) Books:

B) Journal Papers:

C) Conference Papers:



  1. Tutorials & Invited Presentations

Organization of Conferences

Summer School in Logistics in Cooperation with Liophant , Bergeggi September 2000, Italy

~120 attendees from Italy and USA

HMS2001, in Cooperation with Liophant and Riga TU, Portofino October 2000, Italy

~40 attendees from 20 Countries Around the World


M&S September 2000 in cooperation with Liophant, Bergeggi, Italy

HLA October 2000 in cooperation with Liophant, Bergeggi, Italy

VV&A October 2000 in cooperation with Liophant, Bergeggi, Italy

~20 attendees each from 20 Companies


HLA Introduction, June 2000 in cooperation with Liophant, Savona, Italy

SHOW Spanning HLA over Web, December 2000 in cooperation with Liophant

~15 attendees each from 7 Universities and 7 companies


Cooperation with other Centers:

Professor & Researcher Visits

Prof.Y.Merkuriev and G.Merkurieva visited Genoa Center in october 2000 and presented a lecture and an Exercise on SIREN M&S to companies

Roberto Revetria visited Riga TU in December 2000 and supervise Genoa student activity over there.

Student exchanges

Prof. Agostino Bruzzone Director of the MITIM Genoa Center DIP University of Genoa
Via Molinero 1
17100 Savona - Italy
Tel. +39 010 353 2275
Fax +39 010 317 750