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In the 1996, during the International Conference,  "Simulation in Industry" ,the McLeod Foundation established a link with the MITIM Genoa Center with Director Agostino G. Bruzzone. Orif,Bruzzone served also the Associate Vice-President of the Society for Computer Simulation International.
The Genoa Center of the McLeod Institute of Technology and Interoperable Modeling & Simulation (MITIM) is part of the international foundation MITIM for the development  and promotion of simulation through a network of  world-wide simulation experts. During this time, the MITIM, led by Dr.A.G.Bruzzone, has also  been an active supporter for the Simulation in Esprit Working Group (WG8467), European Community Project and NATO Industrial Advisory Group for VV&A and Virtual Prototyping.
The MITIM activity is largely devoted  to the design of new product and processes for manufacturing plants, as well as logistics, and management of new technologies.

The MITIM research teams consist of about twelve professors/assistants,  plus several PhD Students; the DIPTEM (formely known as ITIM, DIP, DIPEM) includes over 40 faculty members and about twelve technical researchers plus PhD Students.

MITIM-DIPTEM manages approximately 30 student thesis a year. Each year, about 25 present theses in Design, Modelling and Implementation of new Software Tools/Procedures applied to Industrial Engineering (i.e. simulation, training equipment, virtual realities).
 The members of MITIM; has been working in the Simulation environment since 60s in co-operation with International Universities and Societies and with the major Italian companies (steel-producers, top management, power plants: ILVA, Italimpianti, Ansaldo).

The research team focuses in all the sector related to the Industrial Simulation: Evaluation of New Tools & Languages for Simulation, Evaluation and Development of new Methodologies, Application of Artificial Intelligence to Industrial Sectors, On-Line Real-Time Simulation, Design of Industrial Simulators, Analysis by Simulation of Industrial Problems.

In early 1997 MITIM-Genoa opened offices in the new campus of Genoa University in Savona, where is currently located, 25 miles west of Genoa, on the coast; the new campus extends over a very large area with huge potential for  development. It was obtained by the University due to the deactivation of the  NATO barracks.
The new campus has been in operation for 6 years, and has about 1000 students in Management Engineering, Logistics and Prod. Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Resources Engineering & Environment.

In 2001 the MITIM Genoa Center becomed even member of M&S Net and then founder member of the Simulation Team. MITIM Genoa is associated to a Genoa University Engineering Institution that along the years changed many time its name: originally ITIM, then DIP, DIPEM, DIPTEM and DIME.

Prof.Bruzzone, served in the period 2003-2007 as World Director of McLeod Institute of Simulation Science and currently in 2010 he was nominated General Director of M&S Net; he served as General Chair of I3M Multiconference that evolved to be one of the major M&S Conference worldwide and that growth up with the support of Simulation Team MITIM Genoa.

The Prof. Mosca, member of MITIM, is also responsible for the SAMS (Sanna Agile Manufacturing System) in Savona. This Structure is an FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System) integrated in a University laboratory, where Simulation, Design and Production become a homogenous process.  SAMS has been developed by EC Funding and as a result of direct support from major Companies operating in the CIM environment: Elsag-Bailey , IBM, DEA, KUKA.

McLeod Institute of Technology and Interoperable Modeling & Simulation, Simulation Team, Genoa Center
Director:  Agostino G. Bruzzone
Associate Director: Roberto Mosca