Perletto Paolo & Casciarino Massimo

Study of the Production of an Industrial Assembly Department through Statistical Analysis and Experimental Modelling.

A manifacturing concern, specially in growth, needs a software support that allow to detect problems and critical point in order to control constanctly the department situation.
The first step of the work has concerned the definition of the products, the production management, the production plann, work phases.
Then, the data acquisition has let to draw the files of the machines, to implement by CAD the firm lay-out, to describe the materials flow.
These steps have permitted to study the plant situation and have been the fundamental points to build a program that supply automatic procedures to process production data.
This software, named W.O.P.A. (Work Organization for Production Analysis), compare the production time estimated with the summary production time; analyze the crossing time, work phases, the amount of production materials; characterize the type of products that are greater importance in terms of numbers, production time, delay, advance.

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