Claudia Brullo & Maria Antonietta Sobrio


The study, made in collaboration with FiatImpresit, consists in giving to V.T.E (Voltri Terminal Europa) a valid informatic support for the management of the terminal in order to make an analysis of the lay-out and of the availability of resources, and a set of simulations for the optimization of the dockings of the vessels. For this purpose a simulator was build, that, starting from the data on the central database and statistics, is able to schedule the flows on the yard or to give ipotetical situations of the terminal in a fixed period. The arguments treated in the thesis are:

-The container terminal
-The container
-Logistic of the terminal
-Actual management of the terminal
-Statistical analysis of data
-Presentation of the simulator

The professor of the Boston College Robert P. Signorile has gently contributed to this work.

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