The Liophant Simulation - Item List

The Liophant provides to the members the possibility to obtain and use several gadgets; if you are interested to acquire the material please post/fax or email a request to the Liophant.

  Tie (silk 100% produced by world famous Italian atelier)
  Tie (silk 100% produced by Italian famous atelier  Original)                            
  Pin (Gold24k or Gold Plated)                                        
  Crystal Pin
  Visit Cards (100)                          
  Liophant Sculpture  (glass ~10 cm length - Original, New)
  Liophant Sculpture  (glass ~14 cm length)  
  Liophant CD (Pictures, Demos, Simulators) 
  Liophant Stone Desktop (Local Artist - Original)
  Liophant Stone Pendant (Local Artist)
  Liophant Glass Drop (Local Artist - Original)
  Liophant Amethyst (Local Artist) 
  Liophant Eggs (from international famous Pottery Artistic Laboratory)
  Liophant Dish (from international famous Pottery Artistic Laboratory - Original)
  Liophant Pottery Plate (from international artist)
  Desktop Flag
  Liophant Murano Glass (from Glass Artist) 
  Liophant Chessboard
  Liophant Pen
  Liophant WindProof Suite
  Liophant Key Holder
  Liophant Sphere for Football

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