Liophant Simulation

Company Cooperations

The Liophant promotes both Students stages and Company Training on Simulation (internal and/or external) in order to enhance the application of the simulation in Industrial Realities and to provide opportunities to Students; for information please contact:

Alberto Tremori
Liophant Simulation
c/o Agostino G. Bruzzone, Savona Campus - University of Genoa
via Molinero 1, 17100 Savona Italy
Tel +39 019 97 398 - Fax +39 019 97 600
Email: /

Information Form for Companies:
City:_______________ ZIP:_________
Tel:________________ Fax:________________
Email:_______________________________ URL:_______________________________

Is Your Company interested in Simulation? Yes O No O
Currently is Your Company using Simulation? Yes O No O
Languages used in your Company: O Italian
O English
O Mandarin
O French
O Spanish
O Other:_________
Activity of your Company: O Manufacturing
O Banking
O Services
O Logistics
O Transportations
O Chemical
O Automation
O Electronics
O Engineering
O Shipping
O Alimentary
O Retail
O Communications
O Other:__________
Company Incomes [millions USD/year]: O <1
O 1-5
O 6-20
O 21-50
O 51-150
O >150
Engineers involved in Information Technology (IT): O <5
O 5-20
O 21-40
O 41-60
O 61-100
O >100
Engineers involved in Planning: O <5
O 5-20
O 21-40
O 41-60
O 61-100
O >100
Engineers involved in Research & Development (R&D): O <5
O 5-20
O 21-40
O 41-60
O 61-100
O >100
Is Your Company interested in Simulation Courses? Yes O No O
Number of People Interested in Simulation Courses: O 1
O 2
O 3-5
O 6-10
O 11-20
O More: _______
Kind of Courses that interest your Company: O Basic
O Advanced
O Other: _______
Is Your Company interested in Offering Stages/Industrial Modules? Yes O No O
Could your Company provide: O Sponsorship
O Salary
O Office Facilities
O Tutoring
O Accomodation
O Meals
O Benefits: ________
O Other: _______
Best Stage/Module Duration: O 2 weeks
O 3 weeks
O 1 Month
O 2 Month2
O 3 Months
O 6 Months
O 1 Year
O Other: _______

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