Liophant Simulation Club


About Society

Art. 1 -- Constitution.
The Liophant Simulation Club, not recognized 
Association  without profit aims, is constituted 
in Savona on January 31st, 1996.

Art. 2 -- Aims.
The Liophant Simulation Club has as purpose 
the diffusion and the increment of  knowledge 
about simulation and its applications, the 
sponsorship of meetings, workshops and 
seminars about this subject locally, nationally 
and internationally, the participation of similar 
events in Italy and abroad, the instruction of 
young people in this Field, their support for 
study's persecution and the obtaining of 
education grants in Italy and abroad, the 
pursuit of agevolations from National and 
Foreign Authorities in order to develop and 
encourage the employment of Simulation, and 
even less the promotion of Club’s Social 
The Liophant Simulation Club works according 
to Genoa University - Faculty of Engineering 
rules to promote inside it the diffusion of 
simulation techniques.
The Society will not ever anyway assume the 
control of commercial activities in a major or 
exclusive way, but only, if necessary, in a 
marginal way towards social activity here 
above and only to organize and offer services 
to its Members, but anyway never for profit 

Art. 3 -- SCS Chapter.
The Liophant Simulation Club is a Chapter of  
Society for Computer Simulation International 
and conforms to its Rules and Bylaws. 
Technical publications developed will be given 
to SCS and the Board of Directors keeps the 
contacts between Club and SCS.

Art. 4 -- Location.
The Liophant Simulation Club has its Official 
Office in Savona, nearby the University of 
Genoa, Faculty of Engineering and its 
detached office in Genoa. It may authorize 
the constitution of its Sections in other 
bordering places.

Art. 5 -- Duration And Dissolution.
The duration of Liophant Simulation Club is 
unlimited; the dissolution of the partnership 
must be deliberated at least by 4/5 of the 
members that have right to vote by referendum 
announced by extraordinary general meeting.
In case of dissolution the possible remaining 
credit patrimonial activities will be devolved in 
support of similar associations or for the 
support to students working in the simulation 

About Social Guidon

Art. 6 -- Social Guidon And Symbol
The Social Guidon has three points, a red 
background over  which there is a white cross 
with a red cross inside. In the middle there is a 
circle that contains a Liophant and a tree.

Symbol of the club is the Liophant.  

About Members

Art. 7 -- Requisitions For Admission As 
Classes of members
Italians or foreign citizens, both males and 
females, may be admitted to take part to the 
Liophant Simulation Club as members; no 
person may be denied membership or full 
participation in Society activities because of 
race, sex, creed, national origin, citizenship, 
immigration status, or place of residence.
Members may belong to the classes below:
  Founder Members
  Subscribing Members

Art. 8 -- Founder Members.
Founder Members are those who have 
subscribed the first Statute of Liophant 
Simulation Club; they enjoy this title 
indefinitely and they may enjoy the rights of 
ordinary members as long as they are up-to-
date with the payment of their social share. 

Art. 9 -- Subscribing Members
Any Corporation, Association, Institution, 
Partnership, or person may be admitted as 
an Subscribing Member of this Society 
upon application and payment of the 
annual dues.  Subscribing Members shall 
receive such benefits as the Board of 
Directors may from time to time provide.

Art. 10 -- Members.
Members have the following rights:
a)   to vote in Ordinary and Extraordinary 
b)   to be elected to take part of the Board of 
c)   to attend the Social Seat and use Social 
     Settings according to Rules;
d)   to wear  Social Badges according to Rules;
e)   to have assistance from Society in 
     Scientific activity. 

Art. 11 -- Admission As Members.
Admission As Members. The admission as member's 
request must be compiled by at least 2 members 
as proponents. Requests are examined and approved 
by the President. Members of Liophant enable the use 
of their pictures and data for promotion of 
Scientific and Cultural Initiatives in the 
Club Web Sites and publications.

Art. 12 -- Association Share.
The amount of entrance fees and the annual 
share is established by the Ordinary General 
The delay of the annual payment involves an 
automatic suspension of all right of a member.
The amount of entrance fees is the same for 
all kind of membership; the annual share of  
Subscribing Members is higher than the one 
of Members

About General Meetings
Art. 13 -- Right Of  Voting.
General Meetings can be ordinary or extraordinary.
The Meeting regularly constituted represents 
the Universality of Members, and its decisions, 
taken according to Statute, are compulsory for 
all Members. Members having right of voting have 
faculty to make themselves represented by another 
Member, having right of voting, by written proxy
presented to the Meeting.
The Proxy by email are valid for being represented 
in General Meetings if properly checked 
by the President. Proxies given to the same Member 
cannot be more than ten. 

Art. 14 -- Ordinary General Meetings.
The ordinary general meeting has to be called 
by the Board of Directors at least once a year 
by notice containing date, time and place of the 
meeting, either for the first and  the second 
calling, and with indication of the agenda.
This calling must be shown in the head office at 
least 15 days before the meeting.
The ordinary general meeting is officially 
opened when at least 1/5 of the members is 
present in the first calling. The second calling is 
always officially opened, careless the number 
of the attendants.
The ordinary general meeting is subject to the 
examination and approval of  balance sheet, of 
the programs, to the proposals of the Board of 
Directors and to the renewal of the new 
appointment of the due dates.

Art. 15 -- Extraordinary General Meeting
The Extraordinary General Meeting can be 
convoked by Board of Directors or by at least 
a fifty per cent of the Members. The 
Extraordinary General Meeting can  modify 
this Statute, this Meeting results regularly  
established in case the number of present 
members is at least fifty-one per cent of total 

About Social Organs

Art. 16 -- Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is composed by 4 
-Web Responsible
The President and the Director are elected by 
all members with right to vote convened in the 
General Meetings: they propose the 
nomination for Secretary,Treasurer & Web Responsible, 
then the Meeting elects them; all the dignitaries last 
for two years and are renewable.
The President has tasks for representation and 
chair the General Meetings; the Director 
manages all resources of the Club.

Art.17 -- Auditors of Accounts.
The Auditors of Accounts are elected by the 
General Meetings of the Members 
having right of vote; they are two, continue in 
office for two years and are re-eligible.
The Auditors of Accounts have to control the 
perfect keeping of all social books.

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