Marina Massei

Marina Massei completed her thesis in Genoa University, Humanistic Area on File Structures & Data Warehousing.
She operates with the team of Prof. Mosca and Prof. Bruzzone, DIP University of Genoa as project controller.
She participated in the organization of SIREN Courses, HMS2002 and IEPAL Meetings. She is involved in the organization of International Scientific Events (i.e. SCSC2003, Montreal) and in the coordination of Technical Council specialized in Advanced Techniques (i.e. SIMPLEST).

Major interests are History, Theatre, Psycology
She enjoies traveling.

Marina Massei, Savona, Italy
DIP University of Genoa, Savona Campus
via Cadorna 2, 17100 Savona, Italy
Tel +39 019 264 555 - Fax +39 019 264 558 - Email

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