Ing.Margherita Dallorto driving Sim4Future Car in San Diego during SpringSim

Margherita Dallorto

is a Nuclear Engineer with experience working on several sectors such as Modeling & Simulation (M&S), High Level Architecture (HLA), Distributed Real Time Simulation, X-ray Radiation Shielding Design and Analysis, Measurements of Ionizing Radiations and Evaluations of Effects through Dosimetric Quantities, Measuments of Electro Magnetic Field and related Regulations.
She obtained her Bachelor Degree in Engineering, Summa cum Laude, and her Master Degree in Nuclear Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, Italy. In addition, she carried out several experiences travelling in Europe, North America (i.e.East and West Coasts), Australia (i.e.North and South West) and Asia (i.e. Indonesia and Thailand) and working overseas on different sectors such as Agricolture and Retail.
She was selected as best candidate for a Post Graduate Program organized by the Polytechnic School of Genoa University devoted to master the Industrial Plant Engineering; during this period, she attended Simulation and Serious Games Courses/Tutorials organized by NTSA in USA; she was involved in SILENI M&S Courses and she visited several R&D Laboratories (i.e. Simulation Team Labs, Otomelara Simulation Labs, MBDA Simulation Labs, NATO CMRE Maritime Tactical Simulation System). In addition to these activities, she participated with Simulation Team to the SmackDown Initiative coordinated by NASA and carried out in cooperation with leading entities in Simulation Community involving both Companies (i.e. Aegis Technologies, ForwardSim, Pitch Technologies, VT Mak) and Top Universities (i.e. MIT, Penn State, UAH in USA, Genoa Univ. Italy, Munich Univ. Germany, Bruxelles Univ. France, Aejou Univ. Korea). Her team developed two interoperable real-time simulators (Space Guard System against Asteroids/Debris and Logistics Space Depot) integrated in the SmackDown Moon Base Federation running over the web and connecting Kennedy Space Center, Johnson Space Center, Genoa, Boston, Huntsville, Munich, Ajou, etc.
Simulation Team simulators were tested in a Distributed Simulation based on HLA Evolved Standard (High Level Architecture); indeed she participated actively and lively to demonstrations of SmackDown Federation in San Diego & Rome and her development team was Awarded as Best Group in term of Coordination in the related international competition involving participants from Europe, Asia and North America.
She achieved also direct professional experience on services addressing Radiations and Electro Magnetic Fields by working in Wave snc.
After this job, she was enrolled as research engineer for M&S with MAST srl on Projects devoted to support NATO ACT (i.e. Serious Games for Strategic Decision Makers) and Italian MoD (i.e. Multi Coalition Simulation). In spring 2013, she supported Sim4Future in organizing demonstrations and presentations in South California.
In the same year, she obtained a Research Grant from Genoa University co-sponsored by Industries (i.e. MBDA); this grant was focusing on development of interoperable simulation solutions to be applied within marine domain. During this period, she served also as young lecturer in Role Play Games and Simulations for the MIPET where she operated as assistant of Top-Experts and Subject Matter Experts from Academia and Industry.
Currently, she is involved in several simulation projects applied into different areas such as defense, complex systems, marine domain and plant engineering working within the Simulation Team DIME University of Genoa.
She attended to several conferences and workshops in Europe, Asia and North America; she is author of scientific papers and technical reports on M&S, Intelligent Agents and Autonomous Systems.

She is fluent in Italian, English and French; she is expert in savate (boxe francaise).



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