I was born in Savona (SV) on March 13, 1972

In April 1998, I obtained the University Diploma In Logistic and Production Engineering. In 2002, I obtained the 1st level degree in Management Engineering with the final marks of 100.

My thesis was about the logistic problems in harvest of recycling materials in my town, Savona. I implemented a simulation software in C language, in order to optimize waste collection; the software package is based on Genetic Algorithms.
I have experiences in Customer Service in IT companies (i.e.: Atomos S.p.A.), as I worked both on HW and SW products; I acquired skills in large Database Design and Management (Oracle ,MS SQL Server, FireBird, Interbase, and other RDBMS).
Currently I'm an IT Process analist in Piaggio Aero Industries Company (aerospace company).
In my spare time I like to play guitar, photography, reading books, traveling (when is possible), listen good music.

e-mail: luca.pelizzoni@gmail.com

Connected project:

SOFRA & ATARPDL Prject - Urban Cleaning & Garbage Collection