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Francesca Madeo

received his full engineering degree in Management Engineering from UniCal summa cum laude with a Thesis on "Modelling Retails Stores for Advanced Forecastings on Sales and Workloads".
She completed a Master on Quality Assurance in Salerno Italy.
In 2007 she worked in Genoa Area for MITIM DIPTEM in joint cooperation with the major Italian Supermarket Chain for Store Modelling and Analysis.
She had experience working on ERP implementation supervision with MITIM DIPTEM.
During 2008 she worked in ENAC Rome on Control Management.
In 2010 she received a research grant from Provincia di Genova for working in MITIM DIPTEM and started her PhD Program in Mathematical Engineering and Simulation. In addition she received by I_M_CS the first Gianni Cantice Award for Gifted Simulation Students.
During CAPSTONE2010 in Norfolk VA, she received by VMASC the Best Engineering Project Award in an International Competition.
She received the Best Awards for Standards and for Interoperability by SmackDown Organization led by NASA during SpringSim 2012 in Orlando.
During 2011 she was invited researcher in Beihang University (formerly Beijing University of Aeronautics and Aerospace) in China working on cloud manufacturing and interoperable simulation.
During 2012 she was visiting researcher in Naval PostGraduated School of Monterey, focusing her activity in Intelligent Agents for Piracy Simulation. She carried out researches in BIDMC, Harvard Medical School studying behavior modeling for obesity epidemics.
She was visiting researcher at the ISTS (Institute for Security Technologies Studies) at Dartmouth College working on Virtual Simulation and Intelligent Agents. She was part of a research team devoted to apply Serious Games to Strategic Decision Making and she attended to NATO Exercises in ARRC and Defense College.
She was in charge of organizing the demonstrations of the Smackdown RealTime Moon Base Distributed Simulation among Genoa University, MIT, NASA Johnson Space Center during the NATO CAX Forum 2012 Rome and during the I3M2012 Wien.
She served as member of NATO Groups (i.e.IST-047 Building Robust Systems with Fallible Construction) carrying out R&D activities in Italy (Genoa) and Canada (Quebec City).
She received the qualification as CAX Operator and McLeod Certifications in M&S.
She is currently member of the research team of Simulation Team - MITIM DIPTEM.
She is member of the International Scientific & Technical Board of the Master in Industrial Plant Engineering and Technologies of Genoa University that involves top experts from leading Industries and experienced professors active in this sector.
She served as chairperson in several international conferences (i.e. MAS, HMS).
She is author of several papers in International Conferences (i.e.I3M, DHSS, Springsim, Summersim) and International Journals.


Email: francesca.madeo@simulationteam.com

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