ICAMES Projects

The Projects selected to be presented in ICAMES'96 has been submitted to a review process by a scientific committee composed of Bogazici University professors; the main topic was "Automation".
Many countries have attended to the conferences; the best project in the conference has received an award.
Another competion has been organized on Business Game Simulation based on a MIT company Model ("B&B") has been attended by mixed teams of the partecipants and Bogazici University Students; the winner of this business games has been the University of Michigan.
The ICAMES'96 Program was really full of activities.

Our Projects :



Presentation List :

Automatic System for Optimization of Electricity Diost. in Large City Networks

Optical Position Sensing Device

Path Planning in a two dim. known environment with obstacles

Infrared Guarding Device

Integration of the Control Sys. Management and Networks Man. into the Manufacturing Process Supervision

PC Based Quality Control Sys. for Mechanical Typewriter Machines

Infrared Pyrometer

Project Organization System

Modeling of the Dynamics of a Four Degree Manipulator

Decision Making for Firm Mangement Based on Control Theory Appl.

Development of an 00 Mobile Robot simulation tesbed

A Simulation Study of a Manufacturing System

Simulation and Control of a Gas Turbine Engine with Regenerator

Fuzzy Neural Add. Control of Mobile Robots

Lego Robot Design and Implementation

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