Hotel & Congress Center Claudio, Bergeggi

Genoa, Italy, October 28-30 2004

SAILOR Workshop, October 28 2004

SAILOR Workshop

The International Workshop on SAILOR Project (http://galileo.cs.telespazio.it/sailor) will be held in Genoa, Italy October 28, 2004.
The event will provide chance to present a job executed by international companies that work together on the research of innovative technologies on the field of the wireless communications.
The Project is financed by the European Commission in the frame of the research activities on Satellite Mobile 3G systems and networks.

SAILOR Architecture

SAILOR Workshop agenda

Workshop organized by the SAILOR project:

Part I - Thursday, October 28, 14:00-15:30
1. ‘General Presentation’ speaker: Rosario Toscano, Telespazio, Italy
2. ‘Cellular Planning Tool’ speaker: Emiliano Parrello, University of Rome, Italy
3.‘Core Network - Multicast Algorithms Simulator’ speaker: Rosario Toscano, Telespazio, Italy

coffee break

Part II - Thursday, October 28, 16:00-17:30
4.‘Access Network - Multicast Aalgorithms Simulator’ speaker: Salvatore Nocella, University of L'Aquila
5.‘Connection Admission Control’ speaker: Rosario Toscano, Telespazio, Italy
6.‘Emulator/Demonstrator’ speaker: Mirko Albani, Space Engineering, Italy

Summary of the key issues presented + round table discussion

End of Workshop


It is open to all people engaged in the field.
Registration can be done on site and the charge is of 50 Euro cash.


Project co-ordinator

    Arnoldo Giralda
    Telespazio SpA
    via Tiburtina 965, 00156 Roma, Italy
    Phone: (+39) 06 4079 3745 - Fax: (+39) 06 4079 3625
    Email: arnoldo_giralda@telespazio.it

Telespazio Project Team

    Gabriele Mocci
    Telespazio SpA
    via Tiburtina 965 00156 Roma, Italy
    Phone: (+39) 06 4079 3897 - Fax: (+39) 06 4079 3579
    Email: gabriele_mocci@telespazio.it

    Rosario Toscano
    Telespazio SpA
    via Tiburtina 965 00156 Roma, Italy
    Phone: (+39) 06 4079 3493 - Fax: (+39) 06 4099 9675
    Email: rosario_toscano@telespazio.it

SAILOR Partners

    - ASCOM
    - LA SAPIENZA Università degli Studi di Roma
    - TELESPAZIO SpA a Finmeccanica Company
    - Università degli Studi L'Aquila
    - EUTELIS Italia srl


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