Norbert Giambiasi Award for Conceptual Modeling Excellence

Simulation Team

The Simulation Team Members established the "Norbert Giambiasi Award for Conceptual Modeling Excellence" since MMXVII. The Award Winner is announced during I3M (e.g. Barcelona) as best I3M Paper on Conceptual Modeling. The Award is entitled to Prof.Norbert Giambiasi as recognition for very highly qualified contribution in Conceptual Modeling and DEVS within International Simulation Community.

The Norbert Giambiasi Award Certificate Board selects the paper among best Conceptual Modeling contributions to I3M Conference.

Prof.Norbert Giambiasi Norbert Giambiasi & Agostino Bruzzone discussing of Models Norbert Giambiasi explaining Conceptual Modeling Norbert Giambiasi presenting Book Norbert Giambiasi in PhD Committee with Miquel Angel Piera and other Colleagues
Norbert Giambiasi at LSIS during PhD Defence Norbert Giambiasi in the CAPRICORN Team Norbert Giambiasi at Gala Dinner in Fes with Claudia Frydman, Khalid Mekouar and wife Prof.Norbert Giambiasi as Key Note Speaker in I3M Prof.Norbert Giambiasi

Key Organizations:
Norbert Giambiasi served as Director of LSIS

Norbert Giambiasi was Full Professor and then Hemeritus Professor in Aix Marseille University and Department Director

Norbert Giambiasi was member of Liophant Simulation since beginning in late '90

Norbert Giambiasi was one of the Founders of the International Mediterranean Council of Simulation

Norbert Giambiasi was Director of one of the centers of McLeod Institute of Simulation Science and of M&S Net

Norbert Giambiasi was a member of Simulation Team

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