Gianni Cantice Award for Gifted Simulation Students

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The Simulation Team Members established the "Gianni Cantice Research Award for Gifted Simulation Students" since 2012. The Award Winner is announced during I3M (e.g. 2018 in Budapest, 2017 in Barcelona, 2016 in Cyprus, 2015 in Bergeggi, 2014 in Bordeaux, 2013 in Athens, 2012 in Wien) as best simulation student(s) among the applicants. The Award is entitled to Col.Gianni Cantice as recognition for his long activity in Simulation.

The Gianni Cantice Award Winner receives the Award Certificate, a Contribution and/or the Opportunity to spend a Period in a M&S Excellence Center world wide, as visiting researcher of the Simulation Team.

The Master and PhD students interested, in applying for this competition, need to submit their Application, as described on the web site (Resume, Recommendation and Original Student Scientific Paper), to Dr.Marina Massei ( before the deadline September 16 .

The Gianni Cantice Award for Gifted Simulation Student is ongoing since several years and it is still possible to submit the Application (for current year edition please use this form) for I3M2019 in Lisbon.

Please visit the web site for further information.

Gianni Cantice Award Ceremony at I3M2012 Wien
Gianni Cantice during his PhD in Simulation and Mathematical Engineering First Edition of Gianni Cantice Award in I3M2012 Wien Gianni Cantice testing a driving simulator
Award Presentation at I3M2013 Athens Gianni Cantice presenting innovative M&S during Conference Award Ceremony at I3M2014 Bordeaux Gianni Cantice during his Command in Iraq

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