International Mediterranean Modeling Multiconference

HMS 2005 Provisional Program

Thursday 14.00 16.00

Regular Session 1


Advanced Methods For Container Stacking 

Rommert Dekker, Patrick Voogd, Eelco van Asperen
Erasmus University Rotterdam, NL


Container Handling Policy Design by Simulation Framework

F.Longo, G.Mirabelli, A.Bruzzone
University of Calabria and MISS DIPTEM, Italy


A Dynamic Berth Allocation Planning Model

Mohsen A. Jafari,Yuan Cheng,Sotiris Theofanis,Maria Boile,Ali Maher
Rutgers University, USA


Logistics Principles And It-Solutions For Creating A Collaborative Work Environment For Transport Business Consumers

Riga Technical University/IFF/Baltic Container Terminal, Latvia


Port Infrastructures Security: A new Framework for Modelling & Simulation

M.Massei, E.Briano, E.Bocca
Liophant, CIELI, Italy

Thursday 16.30 18.10

Regular Session 2


Simulation of Traffic Conflicts at Signalized Intersections Using TSIS

Evangelos I. Kaisar,Ali Haghani
University of Maryland, USA


A Model For The Optimisation Of The Routing Problem For The Transportation Activity In A Process Industry

Stefano Saetta, Lorenzo Tiacci
MISS Perugia, University of Perugia, Italy


Support of sea-port management through integration of simulation into IT systems

Krzysztof Amborski,Andrzej Dzielinski,Jerzy Sukiennik
Warsaw University of Technology/Port of Gdansk Authority, Poland


Vessel Arrival Processes and the Window of Arrival at Bulk Ports

Tayfur Altiok
Rutgers University, USA


Arrival processes in port modeling: insights from a case study

Eelco van Asperen, Rommert Dekker,Mark Polman,
Henk de Swaan Arons
Erasmus University Rotterdam, NL

Friday 16.30 18.00

Regular Session 3


Modelling Life Cycle Of Very Complex Systems: Aircraft Carrier Case Study

A.Bruzzone, C. Briano, S.Poggi
MISS DIPTEM, BRB Studio, Liophant, Italy


Analysis of Continuous Material Flow Systems in Bulk Ports

Unsal Ozdogru-Gosslau,Tayfur Altiok
Rutgers University, USA


HSAM: An interactive, immersive animation of deep-draft maritime traffic simulations

Keith Hofseth,Shana Heisey,Cory M. Rogers,William K. Woelbeling,Richard M. Males
US Army/CDM/RMM Technical Services


Conceptual Model for Analysis of Costs/Risks/Quality within Railway Activities

S.Viazzo, E.Papoff, G.Mirabelli
Liophant & University of Calabria, Italy

LSISI M CSSCSMcLeod Institute of Simulation ScienceD.I.P.