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Call For Papers


Simulation Metamodelling and Optimisation in Logistics and Supply Chains


Track at the International Conference on Harbour, Maritime & Multimodal Logistics Modelling and Simulation

(HMS 2011)


Track Chairs: Edward Williams(a), Galina Merkuryeva(b)


Affiliation: (a)PMC-Dearborn (USA); (b)Riga Technical University (Latvia)


Contacts: (a); (b)



Track Description

Simulation and optimisation have become highly valuable and closely allied technologies in logistics and supply chain management. Metamodelling offers new advanced techniques for simulation-based analysis and optimisation. This track is dedicated to documenting and exploring research and applications of simulation metamodelling and optimisation in logistics and supply chains.

Topic List:

† a.. Optimisation of Logistic Processes through Simulation

† b.† Simulation Optimisation Methods in Supply Chains

† c.. Simulation Metamodelling in Logistics and Supply Chains

† d.. Simulation Optimisation via Metamodelling

† e.. Simulation-based Hybrid Optimisation Tehniques

† f.. Meta-optimisation and Simulation in Logistics

† g.. Simulation Optimisation Software

† h.. Modelling and Simulation Optimisation Applications in Logistics and Supply Chains


Key Dates (Extension!)

Submissions of Extended Abstracts (Extended)†                  †††††† May 20, 2011

Notification of acceptance:                                                         ††††††† June 10, 2011

Early Registration:     †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† July 01, 2011

Final Camera-Ready Submission (Deadline Extended!)††††††††††††† July 20, 2011


Authors' Guidelines (further information authorís instruction section)


Extended abstracts (minimum 2 pages), full draft papers or other proposals should be submitted for the review process through the submission section by May 20, 2011 (Extended).

The extended abstract or the full draft paper must contain title, authors, affiliations, addresses, main body and references.

Each extended abstract or full draft paper will be reviewed by at least two members of the International Program Committee taking into consideration scientific quality, originality and relevance. Only original papers, written in English will be accepted.

The extended abstract or the full draft paper should be prepared by following the final paper formatting. However any type of paper formatting can be accepted for the first submission.



Notification of acceptance will be sent by June 10, 2011.



The International Program Committee will accept two types of camera ready papers: extended paper (10 pages, 2 columns); regular paper (6 pages, 2 columns) both for regular and special sessions.

The camera ready paper must adhere to the conference template. The .dot file contains the complete instructions for preparing a camera ready copy for the Proceedings. The final version of the paper must be a PDF file.

Your camera ready paper (extended paper or regular paper) in PDF format must be submitted by using the submission section before the July 20, 2011 (Deadline Extended)

The page limit for manuscripts is ten (10) pages (included† in the author registration fee). Additional pages will require an additional fee.

If your work must be cleared or approved before publication by† your institution, company, or governmental agency, please be sure that† process will be completed by the due date above or we will not be able to include it in the CD Conference Proceedings.

HMS, 2011

The 13rd International Conference on

Harbor, Maritime & Multimodal Logistics

Modelling and Simulation

12-14 September 2011

Ergife Palace Hotel

Rome, Italy

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