New Liophant Conferences

SCSC2006, Calgary - Canada, July2006

Summer Computer Simulation Conference

MAS2006, Bergeggi - Italian Riviera, October 2006

International Workshop in Modeling & Applied Simulation

AMS2006, Bouzios - Brazil, April 2006

The International Workshop on Applied Modelling and Simulation

HMS2006, Barcelona - Spain, October 2006

The International Workshop on Harbour, Maritime & Multimodal Logistics Modelling and Simulation

(Co-Located Events: I4M2006/EMSS2006/HMS2006)

I4M2006, Barcelona - Spain, October 2006

International Mediterranean Modeling Multiconference

(Co-Located Events: I4M2006/EMSS2006/HMS2006)

EMSS2006, Barcelona - Spain, October 2006

European Simulation Symposium and Exhibition - Simulation in Industry

(Co-Located Events: I4M2006/EMSS2006/HMS2006)

Euro SIW, Genoa - Italy, June 2007

European Simulation Interoperability Workshop

New Conferences

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