The International Workshop on

Simulation for Energy, Sustainable Development & Environment

September 18-20, 2017
Barelona, 2017

Co-Located with I3M 2017

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The International Workshop on Simulation for Energy, Sustainable Development & Environment ( SESDE2016 ) is focusing on using M&S in applications related to Energy, Sustainability and Environmental Issues. Scientists and Subject Matter Experts in these sectors are invited to present innovative papers. The application of M&S to this sector represents a major opportunity considering the nature of the complex systems related to these issues that need to be studied and analyzed.
SESDE is part of I3M, a major Simulation Scientific Conference covering multiple aspects.

Based on this success SESDE 2013 (Athens), SESDE 2014 (Bordeaux), SESDE 2015 (Bergeggi) and SESDE 2016 (Cyprus) were successfully organized; currently SESDE is organized as a Workshop integrated in I3M Multiconference

Social Sustainability
SESDE 2017, September 18-20
SESDE addresses M&S in relation to several topics, some example is following:
  • Climate change
    • Global warming
    • Global dimming
    • Fossil fuels
    • Sea level rise
    • Greenhouse gas
    • Ocean acidification
    • Shutdown of thermohaline circulation
    • Environmental impact of the coal industry
    • Urban Heat Islands
  • Conservation
    • Species extinction Pollinator decline
    • Coral bleaching
    • Holocene extinction
    • Invasive species
    • Poaching
    • Endangered species
  • Energy
    • Energy conservation
    • Renewable energy
    • Efficient energy use
    • Renewable energy commercialization
    • Environmental impact of the coal industry
    • Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing
  • Environmental degradation
    • Eutrophication
    • Habitat destruction
    • Invasive species
  • Environmental health
    • Air quality
    • Asthma
    • Environmental impact of the coal industry
    • Electromagnetic fields
    • Electromagnetic radiation and health
    • Indoor air quality
    • Lead poisoning
    • Sick Building Syndrome
    • Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing
  • Genetic engineering
    • Genetic pollution
    • Genetically modified food controversies
  • Intensive farming
    • Overgrazing
    • Irrigation
    • Monoculture
    • Environmental effects of meat production
    • Slash and burn
    • Pesticide drift
    • Plasticulture
  • Land degradation
    • Land pollution
    • Desertification
  • Soil
    • Soil conservation
    • Soil erosion
    • Soil contamination
    • Soil salination
  • Land use
    • Urban sprawl
    • Habitat fragmentation
    • Habitat destruction
  • Nanotechnology
    • Nanotoxicology
    • Nanopollution
  • Nuclear issues
    • Nuclear fallout
    • Nuclear meltdown
    • Nuclear power
    • Nuclear weapons
    • Nuclear and radiation accidents
    • Nuclear safety
    • High-level radioactive waste management
  • Overpopulation
    • Water crisis
    • Overpopulation in companion animals
    • Tragedy of the commons
    • Gender Imbalance in Developing Countries
    • Sub-replacement fertility levels in developed countries
  • Ozone depletion
    • CFC
    • Biological effects of UV exposure
  • Pollution
    • Environmental impact of the coal industry
    • Nonpoint source pollution
    • Point source pollution
    • Light pollution
    • Noise pollution
    • Visual pollution
  • Water pollution
      Environmental impact of the coal industry
    • Acid rain
    • Eutrophication
    • Marine pollution
    • Ocean dumping
    • Oil spills
    • Thermal pollution
    • Urban runoff
    • Water crisis
    • Marine debris
    • Microplastics
    • Ocean acidification
    • Ship pollution
    • Wastewater
    • Fish kill
    • Algal bloom
    • Mercury in fish
    • Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing
  • Air pollution
      Environmental impact of the coal industry
    • Smog
    • Tropospheric ozone
    • Indoor air quality
    • Volatile organic compound
    • Atmospheric particulate matter
    • Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing
  • Reservoirs
    • Environmental impacts of reservoirs
  • Resource depletion
    • Exploitation of natural resources
    • Overdrafting
  • Consumerism
    • Consumer capitalism
    • Planned obsolescence
    • Over-consumption
  • Fishing
    • Blast fishing
    • Bottom trawling
    • Cyanide fishing
    • Ghost nets
    • Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing
    • Overfishing
    • Shark finning
    • Whaling
  • Logging
    • Clearcutting
    • Deforestation
    • Illegal logging
  • Mining
    • Acid mine drainage
    • Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing
    • Mountaintop removal mining
    • Slurry impoundments
  • Toxins
    • Chlorofluorocarbons
    • DDT
    • Endocrine disruptors
    • Dioxin
    • Toxic heavy metals
    • Environmental impact of the coal industry
    • Herbicides
    • Pesticides
    • Toxic waste
    • PCB
    • Bioaccumulation
    • Biomagnification
    • Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing
  • Sustainability
    • Economic
    • Social
    • Environmental
    • Financial
    • Cultural
  • Transportations
    • Emissions
    • Traffic
    • Green Logistics
  • Waste
    • Electronic waste
    • Litter
    • Waste disposal incidents
    • Marine debris
    • Medical waste
    • Landfill
    • Leachate
    • Environmental impact of the coal industry
    • Incineration
    • Great Pacific Garbage Patch
    • Exporting of hazardous waste
    • Environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing

Steering Committee:
Agostino G. Bruzzone, ITIM University of Genoa, Italy
Gerson Gomes Cunha, COPPE UFRJ, Brazil
Janos Sebestyen Janosy, Centre for Energy Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) , Hungary
Francesco Longo, UNICAL, Italy
Marina Massei, Liophant,Italy
Yuri Merkuryev, RIGA TU, Latvia
Miquel Angel Piera, University Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona , Spain
Stefano Saetta, Perugia, Italy
Gregory Zacharewicz, IMS Université Bordeaux, France
Air Emissions


  • Tracks Proposals
January 8th 2017
  • Submission of  Abstracts or Full Papers  (done)
April 15th 2017
  • Acceptance Notification (done)
May 15th 2017
  • Full Camera-Ready Papers
June 15th 2017

SESDE is Scientifically sponsored by:

International Multidisciplinary Council of Simulation active in Mediterranean, Europe, Latin & North America, Asia, Africa & Australia
Liophant Simulation
Simulation Team
McLeod Institute of Technology and Interoperable Modeling & Simulation, Simulation Team, Genoa Center
Modeling & Simulation Net
Institute of Information Technology - Department of Modelling & Simulation - Riga Technical Univeristy
Laboratoire des Sciences del'Information et des Systèmes
Perugia Simulation Center - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale - University of Perugia
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Ingeniería y Agrimensura, Universidad Nacional de Rosario
Russian Simulation Society
Centro Internacional Franco Argentino de Ciencias de la Información y de Sistemas CONICET UNR UPCAM
Simulation Team
McLeod Institute of Technology and Interoperable Modeling & Simulation, Simulation Team, Genoa Center
Latvian Simulation Center MIK Riga TU
LSIS Marseille
Simulation Center - University of Perugia
National Russian Simulation Society
Simulation Team  MITIM - Dipartimento di Ingegneria della Produzione, Termoenergetica e Modelli Matematici - University of Genoa
Brazilian Simulation Center - Grupo de Realidade Virtual Aplicada - Laboratório de Métodos Computacionais em Engenharia - Instituto Alberto Luiz Coimbra de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa de Engenharia - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Spanish Simulation Center - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona / Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica - Universita' della Calabria
Departamento de Ingeniería de Sistemas y Automática y Arquitectura y Tecnología de Computadores - Universidad de La Laguna
Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénie en Sciences Appliquées
Modeling & Simulation Center - Laboratory of Enterprise Solutions
Modelling & Simulation Center of Excellence - Rome
Movimento Italiano Modelling & Simulation
Comite' Espanol de Automatica CEA-IFAC
Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication
Simulation Team MITIM DIPTEM
Brasilian Simulation Center LAMCE UFRJ
Spanish Simulation Center - UAB/UPC
Mechanical Department - University of Calabria
ISA ATC Universidad de la Laguna
SESDE as part of I3M2017 is Technically Cosponsored by: IEEE Central and South Italy Section Chapter
Central & South Italy Section Chapter

Modeling a Town Simulation Solutions

Conference Location
The Conference Location is in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain a wonderful Town plenty of history and of astonishing attractions.

SESDE Industrial Sponsors:
Management of Advanced Solutions and Technologies srl

Cal-Tek srl

Lio Tech ltd


Hydro Plant For Further Information:
Agostino G. Bruzzone
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Marina Massei
Liophant Simulation c/o DIPTEM University of Genoa
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Origins of SESDE are from I3M2012: during I3M2012 several papers were focusing on SESDE topics and issues, so special sessions were organized creating the first SESDE Session

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