Simulation Exploration Experience

formerly known as Smackdown

Scientific Entities

NASA SCS Space Community Forum SISO
Simulation Team
Liophant Simulation

Collecting Pictures


Aegis Technologies
VT Mak
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Academia & Research Centers

DIME University of Genoa, Italy
PKI University of Nebraska
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Penn State University
Ajou University, Korea
S&T Organisation - Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation
IMS Universite de Bordeaux, France
Brunel University, UK

Munich University
California Polytechnic
California Polytechnic

Other Entities

Simulation Exploratory Experience (since 2014)

I3M, Cyprus - September 26-28, 2016

SpringSim, Pasadena, CA, USA - April 3-6, 2016

I3M, Bergeggi, Italy - September 21-23, 2015

SpringSim, Alexandria, VA, USA - April 12-15, 2015

WAMS, Istanbul, Turkey - September 16-19, 2013

I3M, Bordeaux, France - September 10-12, 2014

SpringSim, Tampa, FL, USA - April 13-16, 2014

SEE Pictures & Info
Past Edition: SmackDown 2013 SmackDown from 2011 till 2013

WAMS, Buenos Aires, Argentina - November 24-27, 2013

I3M, Athens, Greece - September 25-27, 2013

Summersim, Toronto, Canada - July 7-10, 2013

ITEC 2013, Rome, Italy - May 22-23, 2013

SpringSim, San Diego, CA, USA - April 6-10, 2013

WAMS & CAX Forum, Rome, Italy - September 24-27, 2012

I3M, Wien, Austria - September 19-21, 2012

SpringSim, Orlando, FL - March 26-29, 2012

I3M, Rome, Italy - September 12-14, 2011

1st Smackdown SpringSim, Boston, MA - April 4-7, 2011

Smackdown Pictures & Info

Simulation Exploration Experience (SEE) is lead by NASA in cooperation with Scientific Organizations and Societies such as SISO, SCS, Liophant, Simulation Team with support of many organizations. SEE is the evolution of Smackdown initiative carried out around the Globe since 2011 by the same organizations. The Sponsors involve leading companies in Interoperable Simulation such as Aegis Technologies, Pitch, VT Mak and Forwardsim. The teams composed by students in Universities and in Internship in Companies and Institutions develop the different simulators to be integrated in the SEE/Smackdown Federation based on HLA Evolved. During the different editions (e.g.Smackdown 2013) best projects have been awarded by the Scientific Committee.
In 2016 the next edition is planned as SEE2016 please visit our web site for Joining the Event and/or getting further information.
IPHITOS Space Guard developed by Simulation Team within SEE IPHITOS Space Guard developed by Simulation Team within SEE IPHITOS Space Guard developed by Simulation Team within SEE IPHITOS Space Guard developed by Simulation Team within SEE

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