Special Session on the Workshop of the Commercial Technologies Series related to potential of Serious Games and Modeling & Simulation:
Maritime Opportunities for Immersive Environments, M&S and Serious Games
Maritime Opportunities for ImmeRsive Environments
in synergy with the:

NATO Modelling and Simulation Group - MSG-130 Commercial Technologies and Games for Use in NATO (in the Maritime Domain)

MSG-130 Final Program & Report New Date

(MSG-130 Preliminary Program)
Italian Navy Officer Club, La Spezia, Italy
October 9-11, 2013New Date

Maritime Simulation: Port Protection Simulation Maritime Simulation: Platform Defense

The Workshop of the Commercial Technologies Series related to potential of Serious Games & Modeling and Simulation concentrates on providing a forum to discuss about Serious Games and Simulation within a Comprehensive Maritime Environment: The Workshop indeed is addressing the Maritime Opportunities for ImmeRsive Environments and include a MOIRE (Maritime Opportunities for ImmeRsive Environments) Special Session with Presentations and Demonstrations within this area. This Workshop provides and unique opportunity to Experience Innovative Solutions, Enabling Technologies and Enhanced Architectures in a Dynamic Framework. The Goal of this Workshop is to draw the roadmap for future Maritime M&S (Modeling & Simulation) as well as to identify and activate new streams in R&D (Research and Development). Even if this Workshops starting point is Marine World, it provides an important opportunity to check new ideas, concepts, infrastructures and models to be amalgamated in a full 6 Dimensional Work Space (Underwater, Sea Surface, Air, Coast & Land, Space, Cyberspace). Past Editions of similar workshops were held in several places: for instance Farnborough UK, Genoa Italy, Oslo Norway, etc.; in fact this Workshop is part of a Series of Events involving Serious Games and Simulation; indeed the Workshop is an opportunity for worldwide specialists to meet together, to interact for future and to establish future co-operations in a wide spectrum of applications. The Workshop audience includes scientists, subject matter experts, users, vendors The objective of this workshop is to share national experiences, explore commercial and games technologies, understand best practices and to identify barriers to further exploitation and ways these might be overcome. In particular, this workshop will deal with immersive technologies and the realities of their usage as well as the challenges for a Marine Comprehensive Framework.
Maritime Simulation: Piracy Simulation in Aden Gulf
Maritime Simulation: Container Crane Simulation

This Workshop aims to identify innovative solution and to define future R&D Activities, getting benefits from previous commercial technologies workshops on Serious Games and Simulation. In fact this Workshop starts from this technological background to address the point of "Maritime Opportunities for Immersive Environments". Possible Topics to be discussed include among the others: Maritime Opportunities for Immersive Environments, M&S and Serious Games
  • How Immersive Technology could improve the Capability Development in a Marine Comprehensive Framework
  • What is the Road Map for M&S and Serious Games within Maritime Domain
  • How Immersive Technology are being effectively employed in support of Training in Naval Framework
  • What areas of education and training along with exercises can immersive learning fill, and how can we integrate that into Ecucational Programs for training next Generation of Navy Crew
  • What is the capability of Immersive Technologies in Modeling and Analyzing the CyberSpace and its implication on Military Systems and National Strategic Assets
  • What are the Services and Infrastructures expected and required by the Maritime User Community to get benefits from Immersive Technologies.
  • How Simulation and Serious Games could allow to develop concepts, policies and technological solution to deal with New Evolving Scenarios
  • How Immersive Technologies could become a support to develop and deploy next generation of Solutions for Homeland Security
  • The application of Immersive Technology in support of decision-making training in Conventional and Asymmetric Maritime Scenarios
  • How can instructional designers develop and integrate immersive learning into the formal structural development process for building education and training courses for Naval Community
  • The application of Immersive Technology in support of the diffusion of innovative technologies
  • Anthologies and/or guidelines that will help policy makers and trainers understand the Immersive Technology and how their attributes map to specific training requirements
  • Creative applications of Immersive Technology that show promise in support of military training or education
  • Moving beyond training to use these technologies in direct support to operations (tactical visualization, course of action analysis, mission rehearsal)
  • Measuring the level of realism achieved and assessing the degree of immersion and ways to determine how much realism is required to meet specific training requirements
  • Understanding how Immersive Technologies can be considered as part of the training development process including training needs analysis
  • Cost-effectiveness and return on investment for immersive technology in support of military training and education
Maritime Simulation: Swarm of Drones in Marine Framework

Maritime Simulation: Simulating Port Terminal Security Operations

Maritime Simulation: Serious Game for Platform Defence Against Terrorism Maritime Simulation: Nautical Procedure Training

Through demonstration, experimentation and discussion and debate, attendees will acquire knowledge and experience in the possible topic areas. Technical and application briefings and demonstrations on selected commercial technology areas will help the attendees better understand the issues so that they may more properly aid in the development of the strategy for the NATO and the Nations to exploit these technologies. It is expected that all participants will develop a shared understanding of the issues and opportunities. Meeting proceedings will be produced including recommendations for NATO and the Nations.

  • 1st March 2013 Presentation Proposals are due to Workshop Chairs
  • 15 March 2013 Presentations confirmed and agenda issued

  • The workshop will be conducted from 11:00am October 8 until 15:00 hrs October 10, 2013
Organization Venue
    The Workshop is expected to be held in La Spezia, Italian Riviera. The event is organized in the framework of La Spezia, Italian Rivera near to world famous locations such as Portofino and Cinque Terre; major town in the area is Genoa, so easy flight connections are available from the Genoa International Airport and Pisa International Airport (direct flights from Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Rome, Tirana - National Airport Bari, Naples, Palermo, Trieste - International Connection with all major Airlines). Italian Riviera Locations could be reach from Genoa within 30 minutes by car and 1 hour by train
    For further information on the Workshop please contact Mr.Wayne Buck.
    For further information on the MOIRE Special Session please contact Marina Massei.
Maritime Simulation: Maritime Tactical Training
Maritime Simulation: USV Simulation
Maritime Simulation: Oil Terminal Simulation

Maritime Simulation: Mobile Solution of Immersive Environment for Virtual Interoperable Training in Marine Framework
Maritime Simulation: Simulating UAV Collaborative and Competitive Operation over a Port Maritime Simulation: Simulation for Oil & Gas Maritime Simulation: Virtual Vessel Serious Game Maritime Simulation: Augumented Reality Maritime Modelling: Modeling for developing Sustainable Solution operating in Maritime Domain Maritime Simulation: Naval Training Simulator