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DHSS: International Defense and Homeland Security Simulation Workshop
Ergife Palace Hotel & Congress Center, Rome, Italy - September 12-14, 2011

DHSS2011 is part of the 8th International Mediterranean and Latin American Modelling Multiconference I3M2011

  • I3M/DHSS 2011 Conference Program
  • I3M/DHSS 2011 Program at a Glance

  • DHSS 2011 is a workshop focusing on the advances and potential of using M&S within this framework.
    will bring experts together for the purpose of presenting and discussing all type of innovation related to the use of Modelling & Simulation in Defense and Homeland Security applications. DHSS will focus on new concepts, methods, techniques and tools for advancing in modelling & simulation sector; so the Workshop Topics include among the others:

  • Asymetric Warfare
  • Augmented & Mixed Reality
  • Computer Generated Forces
  • Dismounted Soldier Simulation
  • Distributed Simulation
  • Hardware in the Loop Simulation
  • Human Behavior Modeling
  • Intelligent Agents
  • Interoperable Simulation
  • Live, Virtual and Constructive Simulation
  • Mobile Training
  • Modelling C4I
  • Multi-Resolution Modeling
  • Netcentric Warfare Simulation
  • Real Time Simulation
  • Serious Games
  • Simulation Based Acquisition
  • Simulation for Training
  • Simulation for Education
  • Synthetic Environments
  • Virtual Humans
  • Virtual Prototyping and Simulation Based Design

  • DHSS Organization

      International Program Committee:
        • David Alberts, OSD, USA
        • Tayfur Altiok, Rutgers University, USA
        • Linda Brent, The Asta Group, USA
        • Agostino Bruzzone, University of Genoa, Italy
        • Wayne Buck, HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, USA
        • Giovanni Cantice, Italian Army, Italy
        • Erdal Cayirci, University of Stavanger, Norway
        • Franco Cotugno, SME, IV Reparto Logistico, Advanced Technologies Office, Italy
        • Gianluca De Leo, ODU, USA
        • Jean-Yves Donnart, THALES Training and Simulation, France
        • Gene Fredriksen, Tyco International, USA
        • Claudia Frydman, LSIS, France
        • Peggy Graviz, The Aegis, USA
        • Drew Hamilton, Auburn University, USA
        • John Illgen, Northrop Grumman, USA
        • Peter Kincaid, IST UCF, USA
        • Sam Kukich, US Coast Guard, USA
        • Fred Lewis, NTSA, USA
        • Francesco Longo, University of Calabria, Italy
        • Robert Lutz, JHU/APL, USA
        • Francesco Mastrorosa, M&S COE, Italy
        • Agatino Mursia, Selex Comm, Italy
        • Jackson P. Nelson , NTSA, USA
        • Tuncer Íren, University of Ottawa, Canada
        • Paolo Proietti, Mimos, Italy
        • Stefano Saetta, University of Perugia, Italy
        • Ferdinando Scarazzini, CIMSO COI, Italy
        • Rick Severinghaus, The Aegies, USA
        • John Sokolowski, VMASC, USA
        • Robert Sottilare, Army Research Laboratory, USA
        • Alberto Tremori, Simulation Team, Italy
        • William Tucker, The Boeing Company, USA
        • Walter F. Ullrich, HallDale Media Group, Germany
        • Levent Yilmaz, Auburn University, USA
        • Simone Youngblood, John Hopkins University, USA
        • Bill Waite, The Aegis, USA
        • Richard Zaluski, GICSR, USA
        • Aldo Zini, Cetena, Italy

    Conference Tracks

  • Human Social Cultural Behaviour (HSCB) Modeling
    • Chair: John A. Sokolowski, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, VA, USA
  • Adaptive and predictive computer-based tutoring
    • Chair: Robert Sottilare, Army Research Laboratory, USA
  • Urban Area Security
    • Chairs: Alberto Tremori, Simulation Team, Italy; Tayfur Altiok, Rutgers University, USA
  • Cyber security and collective "C2"
    • Chair: David Alberts, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (OASD), USA
  • Multilevel Simulation to support training and operative simulation: Tools and Federations, current situation and way ahead
    • Chair: Ferdinando Scarazzini, CIMSO-COI, Italy

  • Innovative operations planning decision support: augmented reality solutions
    • Chair: Michele Turi, CESIVA. Italy
  • LVC Simulation architectures: State of the art and future developments
    • Chair: Agatino Mursia, Selex-Comms, Italy
  • Ports and Littoral Protection
    • Chairs: Tayfur Altiok, Rutgers University, USA; Francesco Longo, University of Calabria, Italy
  • Healthcare Simulation & Homeland Security
    • Chairs: Richard Boyd, Lockheed Martin, USA; Gianluca De Leo, Old Dominium University, USA
  • CyberSecurity
    • Chairs: Richard Zaluski, GICSR, USA; Gene Fredriksen, Tyco International, USA

    Paper Submission & Registration


    Collaborative Event: CAX Forum

    The CAX Forum 2011 will be co-located with I3M Conference in Ergife Palace Hotel Rome mostly in the same period (September 12-15 2011). The I3M attendees will have access to all unclassified session of CAX Forum; the CAX Forum attendees will be enabled to attend I3M Opening and Plenary Presentations free of charge, while access to EMSS, HMS, MAS, DHSS and IMAACA sessions is available to CAX Forum attendees through a special rate (please contact Prof.F.Longo, Special Joint Panels and Demonstations will be organized and included in the program of these two major events.

    For further information please contact: Alberto Tremori (

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