INNOVARE is devoted to develop a new generation of training equipment, based on interaoperable distributed simulation and virtual reality, designed to support logistics companies. Not only will this project create simulators for logistics and truck drivers, it will also reduce training costs while improving safety and efficiency.

The INNOVARE (Sviluppo Intermodale Novara e Vercelli Abilita' Risorse Umane - Equal) project, utilizing the authors' extensive training experience on simulation systems, sets up a training system that enhances prevention in high-risk activities, such as handling particularly heavy loads using hoisting equipment (such as container cranes). It also makes it easier for those people who would find it difficult to gain access to or be retrained in the specific work areas to enter the profession. Ideally, using this type of tool, based on such innovative technologies, would drastically lower costs, allowing it to be significantly extended throughout the sector.
This project is sponsored as Equal Project by EC, Ministero del Lavoro e Politiche Sociali & Regione Piemonte
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